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How to unlock all Force powers in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order?



Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order All Force Powers

While your exploration in this game, Force powers are extremely essential during your combat with groups and bosses. These Force powers are namely Force Slow, Force Push, Force Pull, and Force Jump – also known as Double Jump

How to unlock the four Force powers abilities? 

Force powers are unlocked as you progress through completing the objectives in the game. In order to unlock all the Force powers, keep following the storyline until you reach the point where Cal gets his memory flashbacks. Cal will get a new Force power after a cutscene. All the Force powers will be unlocked if you follow the storyline and keep completing the objectives. 

How do you get Force Powers?

Force Slow

The Force Slow power is unlocked right at the beginning of the game. 

Force Push

Force Push power is unlocked while completing a story mission on the planet Zeffo during the exploration of the Tomb of Eilram

How to get Force Push Abilityby Gamers Heroes

Force Pull 

After your mission on planet Kashyyyk, when you arrive back to planet Zeffo and move towards the Tomb of Miktrull. Cal will lose his lightsaber while sliding down the slope. This is when Cal remembers about the Force pull power. 

How to get the Force Pul ability video by Born 2 game.

Force Jump

Finally, the Force Jump also known as Double Jump ability will be unlocked on the planet Kashyyyk. Just after escaping the Ninth sister, you shall reach a place where will bounce up to the Lung Plants. This is when the flashback hits Cal and he remembers this new ability. 

How to get Force Jump by Wow Quests

So these are the four Force Powers in the game which can be unlocked while following the storyline. Make use of these powers to explore hidden areas and reach new heights in the game. 

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