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How to defeat Rabid Jotaz in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Zeffo)



How to defeat rabid jotaz in star wars jedi fallen order

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order guide and walkthrough

This particular guide of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is about “How to defeat Rabid Jotaz in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order”. This is an optional boss found in the third chapter on planet Zeffo. This guide will help you find its lair and understand the lethal attacks of Rabid Jotaz.

Once you return to planet Zeffo, find the Tomb of Miktrull. Travel through the crash site and spend some time over there. Far to the left of the mediation area, you shall find Rabid Jotaz in the side arena. While moving forward, you will come across an ordinary Jotaz, do not engage and escape as it isn’t of much importance. 

Going forward climb the upper shelf and disable the force field by attaching the BD-1. Now, wait until Rabid Jotaz comes under the shelf above which Cal is standing. It is best to begin the duel from above.

Wait for the corresponding icon to appear and start pressing it when it appears. This will result in a loss of a lot of health for the boss. 

 Like the rest, ensure you dodge the boss’s attacks as they are lethal and may cause huge damage. Also, avoid regular arm attacks. 

The best way to damage the boss is to attack immediately after each failed attack. Keep the attacks limited to 2-3 strikes as increasing the strikes may get you caught too.

Once you’ve damaged the Rabid Jotaz severely, you should find an icon appear above its head. Make the move and kill to finish the task. 

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