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How to beat the Team Rocket leaders: Pokemon Go Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo counters



Tinkering around how to beat the team rocket leaders? The below-given guide has a list of Pokemon Go Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo counters.

Pokemon Go Cliff counters

Pinsir counters

Pinsir, a Bug-type Pokemon, weak to Fire-, Flying-, and Rock-type moves, however, it can still deal some serious damage with its Fighting-type moves, so the following counters are the best against it.

PokemonCounter Moveset
MoltresFire Spin/Overheat
BlazikenFire Spin/Blaze Kick
ChandelureFire Spin/Overheat
VolcaronaFire Spin/Overheat

Tyranitar counters

Tyranitar, one of the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go PvP. It uses Dark- and Steel-type quick moves, with Fire-, Rock-, and Dark-type charge moves. Surprisingly, it is weak against Fighting-type moves, which makes Pokemon like Lucario and Machamp excellent choices.

PokemonCounter Moveset
Counter/Power-Up Punch
MachampCounter/Cross Chop
ConkeldurrCounter/Dynamic Punch
Virizion QuickAttack/Close Combat

Articuno counters

Articuno is in the possession of Cliff, so it won’t be easy. It’s double weak to Rock-type moves though, along with having a standard weakness to Electric-, Fire-, and Steel- types. Avoid using use Ground-type Pokemon as it has a double resistance, while Grass- and Bug- types also not a good choice.
Beldum counters

PokemonCounter Moveset
HeatranFire Spin/Stone Edge
TyranitarSmack Down/Stone Edge
MelmetalThunder Shock/Rock Slide
AggronSmack Down/Stone Edge

Pokemon Go Sierra counters

Beldum counters

Beldum a dual Steel-/Psychic-type is weak to Fire-, Dark-, Ground-, and Ghost-type moves, but resistant to a staggering amount of other types. 

PokemonCounter Moveset
GiratinaShadow Claw/Shadow Sneak
GengarShadow Claw/Shadow Punch
DrifblimHex/Shadow Ball
GroudonMud Shot/Fire Punch

Houndoom counters

Groudon is useful against Houndoom. Using Fighting-, Ground-, Rock-, and Water-type Pokemon should do the job, avoid pretty everything else as Houndoom also has a lot of resistance.

PokemonCounter Moveset
SwampertMud Shot/Hydro Cannon
PoliwrathBubble/Dynamic Punc

Zapdos counters

Zapdos Electric/Flying-type legendary is weak to only Ice- and Rock-type moves, and resistant to a lot of other types. 

PokemonCounter Moveset
MamoswinePowder Snow/Avalanche
RhyperiorSmack Down/Rock Wrecker
GolemRock Throw/Stone Edge
HippowdonIce Fang/Stone Edge

Pokemon Go Arlo counters

Mawile counters

Mawile has a lot of resistance. You would want to use Fire- or Ground-type moves with Mawile as the Steel-/Fairy-type is resistant to most other types.

PokemonCounter Moveset
MagmortarFire Spin/Fire Punch
EnteiFire Spin/Overhea
HeatranFire Spin/Stone Edge

Scizor counters

Scizor is a Bug-/Steel-type, so Pokemon veterans will know there’s only one type for the job; Fire. Fire-type moves deal double damage, so you just want to throw out the strongest Fire-type Pokemon you have, as long as both the fast and charged move are Fire-type.

PokemonCounter Moveset
BlazikenFire Spin/Blaze Kick
ReshiramFire Fang/Overheat
MoltresFire Spin/Overheat
InfernapeFire Spin/Blast Burn

Moltres counters

Then there’s Moltres, the Fire-/Flying-type legendary bird from the first generation. While Moltres is weak to Electric- and Water-type Pokemon, you’ll want to use Rock-type moves because they deal double damage.

PokemonCounter Moveset
RhyperiorSmack Down/Stone Edge
GolemRock Throw/Rock Blast
OmastarRock Throw/Rock Slide
RegirockRock Throw/Stone Edge

After you are done beating all three Team Rocket leaders, you can take on Giovanni! 

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