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Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 best weapons list, where to find them and more



Far cry 6 best weapons and guns

A Far Cry 6 top weapons list can significantly control the game and its challenges. The correct guns can open up entirely new possibilities for players to defeat Castillo’s men and liberate Yara. Despite starting with simple weaponry, some of the best Far Cry 6 weapons can be found early on if you have a detailed list.

As a result, we’ve put up this guide on where to find the best weapons in the game, which ones you should keep an eye out for, and which ones can benefit you in specific circumstances, all divided down by type and location.

Far Cry 6 Best Weapons and Guns

We’ve listed all of the best weapons we’ve found so far in Far Cry 6, split by weapon type and location. That being said, we should acknowledge at this point that there may be some element of randomization involved, but the details are still being worked out.

If you buy a gun or find it as a random military chest or Bandidos gift, its probable location in the world elsewhere appears to offer you a new random reward.

That being stated, this can only happen if you already hold the rifle. And if you already have the gun, you don’t have to worry about where you’re going to find it. Because you have it already. Besides, two shotguns are overkill for anyone who isn’t starring in an Id Software game.

Far Cry 6 Best SMGs


The MP40 is a durable, reliable SMG that controls well from the hip and down the sights, making it an obvious first choice for anyone who battles at close-to-medium range. Its low damage is readily offset if you can maintain a constant stream of fire on the attacker.

It’s in a chest in a small, nameless restricted area of the Monjas Valley. It’s out in the open and shouldn’t be difficult to find; just make sure you’ve cleared out the Castillos around.

Far Cry 6 Best Pistols


The Autocrat is a unique pistol that can be found really early in the game, and is essentially an upgrade on any pistols you’ll have found up to that point – higher damage, better accuracy, and just better overall, rather than having any gimmick or twist.

It may be found in Fort Quito, in a basement beneath the base. It appears to be enclosed by a chain-link fence at first glance, but loop around to reveal a pallet leaning against it. Smash it with your machete to reveal a hole through which you can crouch and plunder the chest containing it.

Rococo Loco

This one-of-a-kind auto-pistol is essentially a little SMG in denial.  There’s very little that can stand up to it in the early game as it sprays death ahead of it, thanks to a massive volume of drum-fed ammo and a vicious rate of fire.

The Rococo Loco is a reward for completing the first Los Bandidos mission, Benito Bang Bang. Simply start at any large Guerrilla Camp and play through to the end.


The AJM-9 is a disgustingly broken weapon that can only be obtained by individuals who purchased the Season Pass and received the Blood Dragon pack as a bonus. This cyberpunk pistol boasts great damage, accuracy, range, and comes with a silencer.

Assuming you have the necessary DLC and add-ons for Far Cry 6, it will be added to your inventory once you complete the task “The Guerilla,” which should take no more than a couple of hours.

Best Far Cry 6 rifles


The AK-M is a reliable, everyday rifle that is a natural progression from the entry-level weapons. It’s a full-auto rifle with good control that’ll be useful in mid-to-close range fighting. It’s not fancy, but it doesn’t have to be. For 900 Yaran Pesos, it may be purchased from any Juan’s Arm Dealer.

Rifle AR-C

The AR-C is one of the best early to mid-level rifles available at the start of the game. With a compensator to reduce recoil, the Gut Wrencher rifle mod to increase body shot damage, your choice of ammo mod, and a competent sight, its high rate of fire can utterly melt foes. While you may be lucky enough to locate it in crates inside military-controlled zones, there are two certain ways to obtain it. The first step is to build the Guerilla Garrison in order to unlock stronger weapons for sale from Juan.

The second is to look for A Little Birdie Told Me, a treasure hunt in El Este’s Sierra Perdida region. You’ll be chasing a pelican around the mountains, finally earning the gun from a chest at the end.

Viva la Libertad!

The Libertad, a one-of-a-kind weapon modelled on the FAL rifle, has good control and precision, which is useful because of its special ability – headshots build up your Supremo at a far faster rate than ordinary kills. You can essentially get a lot more usage out of your ultimate powers by being more cautious, and considering some of those include missile attacks, that implies something.

The Viva Libertad may be found in the building at the base of the lighthouse to the west of the Quito Bay Blockade and north of the Cayo Seguro Peninsula.

Best Far Cry 6 sniper rifles


The SVD is essentially a step-up improvement for the Carbine, with superior range, damage, and rate of fire, therefore it’s worth switching it as soon as you can. You can find it in military crates in restricted regions, as with other basic rifles, but if you truly want a superior sniper and don’t willing to wait, upgrade your Guerilla Garrison until you can buy it from a dealer.

.308 Carbine

The Carbine is the sniper rifle that new players should aim for right away. It’s not the finest out there, but a few mods will bring it up to speed and make it a good early-to-mid game sniper, particularly for picking out minor foes from a safe distance. Juan’s Arms Dealer sells them for 1100 Yaran Pesos.

Best Far Cry 6 Resolver Weapons

Far Cry 6 Best shotguns


The Humidora is a very powerful asset for something found in the first sector of Isla Santuario. To acquire this weapon, travel to the south east coast and look for the Punto Este Lighthouse in Corto Cay.

It’s a shotgun that launches incendiary shells that may wreak havoc in a matter of seconds. Even if you miss your target (it has a limited range), it will put everything on fire and has a fast rate of fire, allowing you to clear some area swiftly and severely.


The M133 is a good buy for people looking for something a touch more classic. Heavy damage, solid impact, does exactly what you’d expect a shotgun to do: blow holes in anyone who gets too close for comfort.

It can be located at the Castillo Senorial Tobacco Plantation in East Costa del Mar, in the structure where Camila “La Espada” Montero first appears as part of her mission. Just check the locker area downstairs from her; there’s an open chest with the gun inside.


The SPAS-12 is perhaps the best semi-automatic shotgun you can acquire before venturing into full-auto madness. It’s precise, has a long range and superb precision (particularly with the Shotgun Shell ammo upgrade), and can one-shot practically any adversary. You can purchase it from dealers after upgrading your Garrison sufficiently, or you can get lucky and find it in the world in a military box, or you can look for the Passing the Torch treasure hunt right in the heart of Sierra Perdida in El Este.

You’ll need to find and flip some electrical switches to unlock a closed door, but once inside, the shotgun is yours. To claim it, simply pop the red chest.

Best Far Cry 6 bows

El Capirote

You want a pretty good bow right away? El Capirote is the perfect bow for you. It deals additional damage to animals, but its stats are already ridiculously good, and it has a longer range than the ordinary bow. Simply go to any Guerilla Camp early on and construct a Hunter’s Lodge – you’ll obtain El Capirote for free as a bonus.

Best Far Cry 6 Resolver Weapons

The Susurro (nail gun)

El Susurro is a sneaky killer’s best friend, a short-range silenced SMG where overheating isn’t an issue. If you spend a lot of time sneaking about, this is perhaps the best Resolver you can obtain, piercing any enemy without disturbing the silence. Once you reach Rank 3, you can purchase this from Juan’s Weapons for 100 Depleted Uranium.

El Muro (shield/shotgun)

El Muro is a pistol-sized shotgun that blows holes in foes and comes paired with a shield in the other hand, allowing you to engage in close-combat with significantly less personal risk. As previously stated, you can purchase 100 Depleted Uranium from Juan’s Weapons at Rank 3 for 100 Depleted Uranium.

The Varita (X-ray rifle)

La Varita is a strong semi-automatic rifle that has range, accuracy, and exceptionally high power. It can handle almost anything you throw at it. It does, however, combine with the Triador Supremo for a wonderful effect, as the two were created to be coupled together. When you activate the Triador’s effect while holding La Varita, the mystic rifle will shoot through solid things, the bullets phasing through surfaces and obstacles until they reach a target. Simply fire through cover without raising your head, or snipe foes through thick brick and watch them panic from inside a building.

Both La Varita and the Triador are available as rewards for locating all of the Far Cry 6 Triada Blessings Relics. If you haven’t already, go to the above-mentioned location and follow the guide we’ve linked you for a full tour.

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Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6: All Rooster Locations



Far Cry 6- All Rooster Locations

Where can you find roosters in Far Cry 6? Roosters are one of several forms of collectibles in Far Cry 6, however, they have a purpose other than merely being found. Once you’ve gone far enough in the storey, you can employ them to compete in cockfighting matches at Montero Farm. All rooster places will be revealed in this Far Cry 6 guide. The Recrooster Trophy can be unlocked by collecting all of them.

All Rooster Locations in Far Cry 6

The locations of all 13 roosters are listed here. We’ve arranged the guide into four main sections to make finding the roosters as simple as possible, including photographs to aid in your search and accurate explanations of their positions. To get the Recrooster Trophy, you don’t have to buy the six roosters from Ubisoft Connect.

All Rooster Locations in Madrugada

Elguila, El Rato, El Dorado, and Acero are the four roosters found in Madrugada.

El Águila

El guila is located on the top of a minor mountain range in the Madrugada region, with a path leading to the summit easily accessible from the north. Climb to the top, past the two zip lines on your right, and up to the open area, where there are more roosters. Interacting with the enormous brown box at the cliff edge will yield Elguila.

El Rato 

Because it’s located in Montero Farm, right near to the cockfighting ring, El Rato is likely to be one of the first Roosters you see if you don’t follow my guide. If not, the hamlet you seek is located immediately south of Baera Pond, and the arena is encircled by multicoloured flags. El Rato is encased in a wooden box, surrounded by cages.

El Dorado 

El Dorado can only be obtained during or after the Yaran Story on the Spur of the Moment. When you get at the quest’s destination, the rooster will be in the underground bunker. The Yaran Story begins with a conversation with the NPC at Montero Farm’s cockfighting ring.


In the Madrugada region, in the village of Verdera. The wooden box in front of a shed can be found on the eastern edge of town.

All Rooster Locations in Esperanza

In Esperanza, there is only one rooster: La Bestia Blanca.

La Blanca Bestia

Go to the western point of Roja Bay in Esperanza’s West Lado neighbourhood. Because this property is part of The Last One to Leave Treasure Hunt, you’ll most certainly find La Bestia Blanca there.

All Rooster Locations in El Este

Hermoso, La Bala De Plata, El Huevo, and El Gallo Magnifico are the four roosters found in El Este.


The Savannah Fields are located in the Sierra Perdida area, about in the middle, with the Bonilla Farm on its western border. Hermoso is in the wooden box inside the cottage labelled “1.”

La Bala De Plata

The Vaca Coast is located to the south of the Sierra Perdida area. The lvarez Farm is just to the northwest, with La Bala De Plata on the back of a cart.

El Huevo 

Go to the town just northwest of the Madona River marker on the map in the La Joya district of El Este. You can access the wooden box directly below you by entering through the building’s top.

El Magnifico Gallo

As part of the Everything to Lose Yaran Story, you’ll immediately receive El Gallo Magnifico.

All Rooster Locations in Valle De Oro

Valle De Oro is home to four roosters: Papacito, El Pico, La Muerte Negra, and El Fénix.


Papacito can be seen at the Castillo National Zoo, to the north of the Balacera neighbourhood. Papacito is in the northeast part of the zoo, adjacent to a group of roosters, once you’ve entered enemy territory. Papacito will be yours if you interact with the brown box on top of the cage.

El Pico

A residence slightly off the main road is located directly south of the Yara Botanical Gardens and west of the Cielo Gardens marker on the map. El Pico is in the customary wooden box at the back of the blue home.

La Muerte Negra

Within the Cruz Del Salvador region, in the municipality of Segunda. A property on the far west side of town houses La Muerte Negra, which is housed in a big box.

El Fénix 

You’ll want to go to the community west of Muerte Point in the Barrial section of Valle De Oro. Aside from bags, the wooden box will be placed on top of other boxes.

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Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 A Rising Tide code location and solution



If you want to cheat this treasure hunt on El Este’s southern shore, check our Far Cry 6 A Rising Tide code guide. The goal is to locate boats and use them to obtain and request a unique code to unlock a locked door. However, you may not only cheat by just looking up the code, but the game even allows you to do so if you know where to look.

So let’s get started on the Far Cry 6 A Rising Tide code solution and open the door.

Far Cry 6 A Rising Tide code

The Far Cry 6 A Rising Tide code is obtained by locating a series of named boats with numbers – such as the one seen above – and then using the names and numbers to press buttons within that building to access a door. You can either look about for all the boats, which we’ll explain shortly, or you can simply explore beneath the building in the image, where you’ll find a letter with the answer:

The boat names are listed on the note in the order in which you must press them. So now all you have to do is go inside and push the buttons that correspond to the names on the list in the order they appear on the list.

When you’ve done that, the door will open, revealing the reward inside: a one-of-a-kind gun known as Camo Quinceanera. Soft target rounds, a 3x tactical site, and a laser pointer are included, as well as various holster and reload speed improvements. If you obtain it early in the game, it’s not a bad gun, but if you get it later, you could be disappointed.

Now, if you want to complete the task in its entirety, you’ll need to locate all of the boats distributed across the hamlet and cross-reference the numbered signs with them. Because these boats are all vividly coloured, you can dismiss any that are mossy and boring. The first boat you’ll need is the pink one we mentioned earlier, which can be found in the town’s centre. From there, turn right and go down the wooden staircase to a building with a zip line that leads to this boat:

Return to the pink boat and turn left until you notice a blue boat perched on a roof on the opposite side of the road:

Drop down into this building’s back yard and follow it to the left until you notice a yellow boat on another roof:

That’s all the boats you’ll find, so don’t go crazy hunting for the Roja Victoria; it’s not there. You’ll have the following information for the boats you’ve discovered:

  • El Tigre is ranked first.
  • Papi Chulo isn’t 5 (the sign denotes that something isn’t equal).
  • Number three belongs to El Lucky.
  • Clarita is on number four.

From there, figure out the order in which El Tigre, Papi Chulo, El Lucky, Clarita, and Roja Victoria occur in the cheat note. You’re done if you press the buttons in that order.

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Far Cry 6

Where to find Far Cry 6 Industrial Circuits



Far Cry 6 Industrial Circuits

Industrial circuits are a key crafting resource in Far Cry 6, and they’re utilised to make some of the game’s best weapon upgrades, such as powerful scopes, silencers, and another rank 4 attachments.

Industrial circuits, on the other hand, are difficult to come by in Far Cry 6, which makes sense given that they’re needed for the game’s strongest upgrades and aren’t likely to be laying about.

Fortunately, we’ve put together this advice on where to get industrial circuits in Far Cry 6 and how to find as many as possible as soon as possible.

The harsh reality is that you won’t find any out in the field, and even the simplest one will require some effort. Still, you didn’t join the revolution to live a comfortable life, did you? And those silent sniper guns are a blast to play with.

Far Cry 6 industrial circuits locations

Industrial circuits in Far Cry 6 aren’t found in the wild; the ones you can find are mostly task rewards or can be purchased from very specific vendors for very specific currencies. There are three ways to gain industrial circuits in Far Cry 6 as far as we know:

Industrial Circuits as a Random Reward for Bandidos Missions: There’s a slight chance that Bandidos operations will deliver industrial circuits to the player as a random reward. Keep a lookout for them as both main prizes and smaller commands are provided at the end of an operation.

Lola appears at all three main Guerilla Camps as your contact to begin co-op gameplay, and you can buy it from her with Moneda. You can acquire Moneda, her unique currency, by accomplishing the missions she assigns you, and then use it with her to purchase industrial circuits and other items. Don’t worry if you don’t have any pals to play co-op with; you may still obtain Moneda by playing her assignments solo.

Sell Alpha Meat: If you have Alpha Meat to sell, any regular merchant will sell industrial circuits to the player. You can gain Alpha Meat by killing the Alpha Animals that spawn randomly over the area, but you’ll need to have built and improved the Hunter’s Lodge in order to get the Animal Anatomy Guide. However, there’s no way of knowing where these animals will appear, so it’s strictly a game of chance.

Far Cry 6 industrial circuits crafting uses

Industrial circuits are utilised in Far Cry 6 to create the best upgrades for weapons and Supremos, which are usually any attachment with a Rank 4 on it (the best they can get). You’ll need them to make useful attachments and advance your arsenal to the mid-to-late game.

However, because industrial circuits are uncommon in Far Cry 6, you shouldn’t fall into the habit of squandering them or treating them as throwaway.

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