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Eva Padlock sets MotoGP fans pulses racing with her revealing Instagram lockdown picture



Eva Padlock MotoGP

Amid the ongoing pandemic, MotoGP Paddock girl Eva Padlock has managed to get the pulses racing in her revealing pictured which she posted on Instagram. Fans are stunned to see her recent pictures on social media. 

Eva has over 1.6 million followers on her Instagram and keeps her fans engaged by posting her bikini pictures. Padlock is currently stuck in lockdown in her native Spain, as the 2020 MotoGP season is currently on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

She said, “But what is actually rewarding is that a lot of people get in contact to thank me for making them smile and I have conveyed something positive just through my posts.

“Apart from the sensual images I usually post, I think that when you’re fulfilling goals and accomplishing things that initially seem impossible, people appear to value this.

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Con ganas de saborear la vida… 🤗 #goodvibes 😘

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“I have been in the social world for barely a year and a half and I never imagined changing my job and spending most of the time travelling.

“You’re full of illusion when major brands from the fashion world want to collaborate with you. Actually, I’m living a dream.”
In her recent interview with Model Management talking about her success, she said: “Actually, I don’t really know how I got so many followers.

Eva continued: “I consider myself one more model in the industry, I show off something innate in me, the sensuality.
“We all have something that makes us different and special and that’s the key to my success.

“As seen in my network, it’s clear that my greatest power is to show my charms, always in an elegant and sensual way, but from the private messages I receive, I’m happy to know that most people who follow me and don’t know me, see what’s beyond the superficial.”

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