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Valorant Error Code 46 and How to Fix It



Valorant Error Code 46 and How to Fix

The new tactical first-person shooter game from Riot Games’ ‘Valorant’ has been a talk in the gaming community since it’s close beta launch. Like all other games, Valorant has too run into few errors which restrict players from playing the game properly. The one issue which has disrupted the gaming experience right now is error code 46. Thankfully, here you will get to know about Valorant error code 46 in detail! 

Valorant Error Code 46

The Valorant error code 46 is described as platform downtime by Riot Games. This means either the servers are taken down on purpose or to perform maintenance on them for an upcoming patch. So in case, you log in at this time into the game you will be met with the error code 46. 

The below-given image shows exactly what the issue looks like when you face the error:

Valorant Error Code 46
Valorant Error Code 46

At present, players only wait and let Riot Games come with an announcement when it gets fixed. 

According to Riot Games, players should “please check back later” as “this is planned downtime allotted for the engineers to work on our systems.” 

Valorant error code 46 requires the players to wait until the scheduled downtime for the game’s server gets over. Then most certainly you will be allowed to resume the game and get into the game. 

When there are millions of players online playing the game it becomes a difficult task to fix such error. The better way is to make the servers offline for maintenance and then fix the problem. 

An array of errors have appeared during the closed beta of the Valorant game. Let’s wait for Riot Games to officially announce the fix now. 

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