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Valheim – Where to find Silver?



How to find Silver in Valheim, one of the more advanced metals available in the game.

Silver is a more advanced resource that can be found in the more difficult areas in Valheim. Once obtained, it will allow players to craft more powerful tools and armor. In this guide, we’ll break down where to find Silver, as well as discuss an easier way to find it in the world.

Learn where to find Silver in the easiest way possible. Silver is one of the most advanced resources in the game, found in the most difficult regions of Valheim.

Where to find Silver – Valheim

Silver can be spotted in the mountain biomes which are found across the game world, these regions are traitorous and are home to Drakes, Wolves, and Stone Golems. The constant Freezing debuff is another thing to worry about. However, it can be dispelled temporarily with Frost Resistant potions.

Silver is also found in veins underneath the surface. For this, players will have to roam around mountainous areas, digging here and there in with their pickaxes without any clue. Fortunately, an item available in the game can help you find it, for that you’ll have to beat the third boss, Bonemass.

After you have acquired the Wishbone use it to easily locate items like Silver and even treasures buried in the game just by emitting a sound. You should see a visual notification when you are close a material.

To acquire the Wishbone just right click on and add it in your inventory. Now, head to the nearest Mountain biome and start locating the Silver. It is recommend to bring Frost Resistance Potions, or at least bringing materials to place down a ton of campfires to help slow down the loss of health caused by the Freezing debuff.

Silver will help you craft an assortment of items like the Wolf Armor set, it is one of the best sets of armor you can have in the game.

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