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Valheim – Where to find Flint?



Let’s learn how to find Flint, which is a crafting resource that players use to make their arrows, spears, and other weapon items in Valheim.

Flint is commonly used by players to upgrade their tools, craft arrows and build crafting stations. This guide will show you where to find Flint in the game, best places to discover so you can get them fast.

Where to find Flint – Valheim

Flint is important as the game demands you to be prepared for survival and upgrading your tools and weapons is certainly most needed to survive through the dangers in the game. During the early stage, it becomes more vital to have the Flint as the core metals aren’t available for you.

Flint can be found in the Meadows biome. It contains plethora of deer, boar, and other useful items that you can use starting out, and you’ll find Flint located at the shores of various water bodies in these regions. Alos, it can be spotted at multiple shores and under the surface of water too.

To easily spot Flint, look out for light gray colored elliptical stones. After you spot it, go for it, and if it is Flint, the name pop up for it.

Flint allows you to craft various tools and other items, including the Flint AxeFlinthead ArrowFlint Knife, and Flint Spear. Since Flinthead Arrows are one of the earliest types of arrows you can make, we highly recommend gathering a large amount of Flint whenever possible to ensure you don’t run out of ammunition for your bow.

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