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Minecraft Dungeons Level List



Minecraft Dungeons Level List

Minecraft Dungeons is definitely a good loot-centric RPG. Though the game is not one of the longest game it certainly has great campaigns. While battling the blocky foes you might wonder just how many levels are there in the Minecraft Dungeons game? 

The game has a limited number of levels, each one offers a totally different experience. As you progress in the game the difficulty level can find you stuck on a single level for some time. Below is the Minecraft Dungeons Level list.

Minecraft Dungeons Full level List

There are a total of 10 main levels in the game. Find each one listed below. 

  • Squid Coast
  • Creeper WoodsSoggy Swamp
  • Restone Mines
  • Cacti Canyon
  • Pumpkin PasturesFiery Forge
  • Desert Temple
  • Highblock Halls
  • Obsidian Pinnacle

Minecraft Dungeons Secret level Lists

The game has few secret levels which can be easily found in the core missions. As of now, we have discovered five secrets levels in Minecraft Dungeons which we have mentioned below. 

  • Creepy Crypt (Hidden in Creeper Woods)
  • Soggy Cave (Hidden in Soggy Swamp)
  • Arch Haven (Hidden in Pumpkin Pastures)
  • Underhalls (Hidden in Highblock Halls)
  • Moo? (Hidden in Camp)

Keep watching this space for more Minecraft Dungeons guides and news.

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