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How to unlock hard mode in Final Fantasy VII Remake



How to unlock hard mode in Final Fantasy VII Remake

The Final Fantasy VII Remake has a hidden hard mode that is available to only those players who unlock it by defeating all the chapters in the game. This guide will show you how to unlock hard mode in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

In order to play the FF7R hard mode, complete the game the first time. It doesn’t require to complete on the normal difficulty, the easy and classic mode works too.

How does the Hard Mode work in Final Fantasy VII Remake?

The FF7R hard mode significantly increases the overall difficulty of the game. Below are a few tips and details for the hard mode

  • Hard mode is unlocked after finishing the game first time.
  • Upon unlocking the hard mode, you get access to the option to replay the completed chapters.
  • In Hard more, bosses are equipped with more hp, new attacks and make it tougher to fight them. 
  • Hard mode forbids players from using items. 
  • Your characters can get 2x more EXP and 3x more AP. This helps in strengthening up the team much quicker. 
  • New manuscripts and items can be found which add to the SP and reveal new sub-cores for your weapons. 
  • The Resting points do not restore your MP. it only restores your Hp in the hard mode. 
  • Mostly, the hard mode allows you to face the main antagonist, Pride and Joy Prototype. 

Please note that you cannot use items like potions, ethers, or elixirs in hard mode. benches and beds can be used to regenerate health or mana post-battle.

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