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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Home Warranty




No one wants to think about the possibility of their home needing repairs or replacements, but sometimes things happen that are out of our control. A home warranty can help to cover the costs of these unexpected events, so you can rest easy knowing that your home is taken care of. Here are three reasons why you should consider getting a home warranty today!

Home Warranty

Peace of Mind

Home warranties offer peace of mind for homeowners. There is something to be said about being able to simply relax at home knowing that you are not responsible for any unexpected repairs or replacements. The benefits of a home warranty are not limited to the actual contract as this URL shows, but also include the policy service and support. A reputable company will ensure that you get all of your questions answered and help to make the process of filing a claim as smooth as possible.

Home warranties can be used on any part of your home, including appliances, plumbing systems, heating/cooling systems, electrical systems, roofs, and more. If you are willing to invest in the quality of your home now to ensure its value does not depreciate over time, then it makes sense to invest in a warranty that will protect it for years to come.

Faster Repairs

Another perk of a home warranty is taking advantage of faster repairs. Depending on the insurance company and the type of warranty, some service providers will be able to complete certain repairs within 24 hours or less. For example, if you live in a warm climate and your AC system breaks down, then it is more than likely that a reputable contractor will come and fix the problem as soon as possible because it is in their best interest.

The rapid service that a home warranty provides also helps to prevent further damage from being done to your home, which can save you money in the long run. The sooner you can get certain repairs completed, the easier it will be to make things right again without any unexpected expenses.


Home warranties can be affordable, especially if you plan on living in your home for a long time. With the rising costs of repairs and replacements, what would have once been an unexpected expense can now become a burden that lasts for years to come. By investing in something as small as a home warranty, you could save thousands of dollars in the long run.

For example, if your AC system breaks down and you were to pay for its repair or replacement on your own, then it would be easier to see how much you are spending. But, if you were to factor your time and effort into finding a reputable contractor for an AC repair or replacement, then it might be best to pay the small annual fee for warranty service instead. With warranties, contractors are verified by the insurance company meaning they have been checked for quality workmanship and fair prices.

A home warranty is worth it if you plan to invest in your home long term. In addition to peace of mind, repairs will be done quickly without additional stress on your part. Home warranties may seem costly at first glance but they can offer great value to homeowners willing to invest in their homes.

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Bank of America Hours: Working Hours & Holidays



Bank of america

There are over 66 million customers of Bank of America, which is one of the world’s major financial institutions. As one of the greatest national banks in 2022, they provide a wide variety of services at their various locations. 

The Bank of America Corporation, also known as Bank of America and sometimes written as BofA or BoA, is an American multinational investment bank and financial services holding company with its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. The bank was started in San Francisco. In 1998, NationsBank of Charlotte bought it and changed it into what it is now. After JPMorgan Chase, it is the second-largest bank in the United States and the eighth-largest bank in the world. Bank of America is one of the Big Four banks in the United States. It handles about 10.73% of all bank deposits in the United States, which puts it in direct competition with JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo. Commercial banking, wealth management, and investment banking are its most important financial services.

How many days in a week is Bank of America open?

Monday through Saturday, the majority of Bank of America branches are open six days a week. Sundays are the only days when you can conduct financial transactions at an ATM, online, or through a mobile app.

Bank of America Hours on Normal Days

Bank of America hours vary per branch, so before you go, find out what hours your local Bank of America is open online. During the epidemic, many Bank of America locations are working on restricted hours to allow for additional cleaning, so check before heading out. It was previously open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 or 6 p.m. Some branches open at 10 a.m. and close at 4 p.m. Some branches are closed on Saturdays, but most are open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. ATMs are open 24/7.

Bank of America Hours for Holidays

Bank of America Holiday Schedule 2022
New Year’s Day — Jan. 1Closed
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day — Jan. 17Closed
Valentine’s Day — Feb. 14Open
Presidents’ Day — Feb. 21Closed
St. Patrick’s Day — March 17Open
Good Friday — Apr. 15Open
Easter Sunday — Apr. 17Closed
Easter Monday — Apr. 18Open
Memorial Day — May 30Closed
Independence Day — July 4Closed
Labor Day — Sept. 5Closed
Columbus Day — Oct. 10Closed
Halloween — Oct. 31Closed
Veterans Day — Nov. 11Closed
Thanksgiving Day — Nov. 24Closed
Black Friday — Nov. 25Open
Christmas Eve (daytime) — Dec. 24Open (Most branches open 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.)
Christmas Day — Dec. 25Closed

Bank of America Contact Information

Call these numbers for customer care assistance with checking and savings account issues, such as general account information, reporting a lost or stolen debit card, and creating an account:

  • For US callers, dial 800-432-1000.
  • For international calls, dial 1-315-724-4022.
  • For Spanish-speaking callers, dial 800-688-6086.
  • Customer care representatives are available from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. EST Monday through Friday. Weekend hours are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.

You can also contact Bank of America via Twitter @BofA Help or by messaging them on Facebook.

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Trump believes Elon Musk will back out of his Twitter deal



Trump believes Elon Musk will back out of his Twitter deal

Trump believes Elon Musk will back out of his Twitter deal

Elon Musk has spoken in public recently to declare that the purchase of Twitter has not yet been finalised. He was worried about the sheer amount of bots and false accounts he would have to remove from the network. Due to the rapid rate at which phoney accounts are generated on a daily basis.

In fact, with his new platform, ‘Truth Social,’ the former president has run into this very issue. It has been described as a “bot conservative ghost town” by a number of writers and investigators. 

Donald Trump came to Truth Social to discuss Elon Musk’s refusal to purchase Twitter using his comments. His extensive essay explained why he thinks this would happen, but he also used the opportunity to promote his own platform.

Trump explained: “There is no way Elon Musk is going to buy Twitter at such a ridiculous price, especially since realizing it is a company largely based on BOTS or Spam Accounts. ake anyone? By the time you get rid of them, if that can even be done, what do you have? Not much? Just my opinion, but Truth Social is MUCH better than Twitter and is absolutely exploding, incredible engagement.”

Elon can still back out of the deal, but he’ll pay a high price for it in the long run. Musk has been doing his own investigation of Twitter’s bots, and he has asked other Twitter users to do the same. According to him, there are at least 5% of all users that are either automated or phoney.

However, as he stated, Twitter’s legal team informed him that he had breached an NDA by disclosing the technique he used to detect fraudulent accounts. Incredibly, Musk couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Even more compelling evidence why Twitter is a bad investment.

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Madonna’s NFTs create an impact by appearing undressed



Madonna's NFTs create an impact by appearing undressed

Madonna’s NFTs create an impact by appearing undressed

To this day, Madonna continues to set trends and stir up controversy with her non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which show her in a totally naked state. This is a trait she hasn’t lost despite her long and lucrative career as a musician and fashion designer.

In order to have X-rated images appear in your work, what is required of you? No, not if it’s the Queen of Pop, who seems to give birth to butterflies, insects, and trees in the NFT collection dubbed ‘Mother of Creation’ through her partnership with Beeple.

Madonna’s vagina is shown in cartoon style on the NFT collection, which will be sold to raise money for charity.

All works were conceived with a 3D scan, according to Madonna, who said she wanted to “I wanted to investigate the concept of creation, not only the way a child enters the world through a woman’s vagina, but also the way an artist gives birth to creativity…. all works were conceived with a 3D scan,”

“In a cold laboratory setting, with no sign of life, an opening gives way to a branch that transforms into a full vibrant tree, it pushes against gravity and flowers bloom. The tree may bend or even break, but it continues to re-create and flourish. This work features new text by Madonna,” According to Beeple’s site,

It has been described as a “amazing journey.” by both Madonna and Beeple to develop the notion of these NFTs over the course of several years.

Once they agreed to work together, “When Mike and I decided to collaborate on this project a year ago, I was excited to have the opportunity to share my vision of the world as a mother and an artist with Mike’s own unique point of view,” Madonna explains. This has been an incredible journey, from an intellectual concept to an emotional tale to the birth of art. “It’s been an amazing journey building this together from an intellectual idea to an emotional story, giving birth to art.”

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