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TheWestNews is a publication where we share the latest news regarding the world of technology which includes Android, iOS, Windows and more. We also like to share our views on the things that take place in the technology world and like to get feedback from our users as well.

At TheWestNews, we have a tagline of ‘tech on the west coast’ and we live by it. Well, it is quite simple because we are a publication located ‘in the west coast’ and we report about the technology events ‘in the west coast’.

Moreover, it is also our duty as well as responsibility to give you accurate information regarding the products that we write on. Because we believe that it is better to not have information rather than having false information also called “fake news”.

TheWestNews covers all the news related to Technology including the gaming industry as well as the social media industry. We believe that two of the biggest growing industries in the market right now are Gaming and Social Media. So we also want to share our thoughts on what we believe is the future of technology.

TheWestNews is also privileged to have an awesome bunch of writers who share the same passion for technology as we do and help us achieve our goals.