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Where To Find Water Motes in New World game



Water Motes locations new World game

Water Motes are one of the New World‘s most important craft materials for refining jewellery and craftsmanship. This guide will show you where Water Motes can be found in the New World game.

Water Motes is one of the materials used in the alchemy of ‘Essence’ for the production of gems and in various crafts. Water motes could be one of the simpler motes to find, used for refinement of aquamarine gems or for the production of the Elemental Heart.

You can either harvest Water Motes from a rare creature, collect them from a plant or mine a certain kind of iris vein that produce Water Motes like the other mots in the New World. This is where they can be found in New World.

Water Motes Location From Rivercress Plants

Rivercress plants capture water motes. Some of these plants will need to be collected in order to complete a history-based search, thus naturally.

They can be harvested only when you have reached level 30, which is increased by collecting Hemp, petalcaps and other plants which can be harvested.

This is situated on the banks of two rivers immediately north of Windsward Fort. Here is a reliable breeding, which may be collected for the Water Motes, of at least two or three rivercress.

Other resources are available, such as Petalcaps, branches of Briar as well as some Soul Prouts to Soul Motes on your way to Everfall.

Water Motes Location From Springstone

Most of Springstone is located in the highest levels of the map and the ear you may mine for Water Motes. To collect the Motes from Springstone, you need to take level 50 mining, but in Brightwood and beyond you need to also take on a higher level.

However, in Windsward, there are several areas where Springstone can be found. On the following map, we marked them.

Floating Spinefish

The last way to gain Water Motes is to discover the rare creature of floating spinefish, besides discovering them in alchemy chests. In the initial places, most commonly in higher levels, such as Ebonscale and Edengrove, these are rather unusual. In Windsward, however, there are a few spots where your spawn can be found.

Spinefish need not collect the harvest, therefore you can pick up the water motes early in the game. This also means that these spawning sites are expected to be highly popular and that you could wait some time because the Spine Fish only repaint every 20-25 minutes.

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Forza Horizon 5

How To Alter The Season In Forza Horizon 5?



Depending on when you play, it’s hot, wet, stormy, or dry. The seasons in Forza Horizon 5 add to the diversity of Mexico. Seasons change monthly in Forza Horizon 4, affecting weather and biomes in unique ways. Seasons and climate change impact the kind of issues you may find. Even if there is no battle pass, there will be activities to do and rewards to unlock as the seasons go.

What are the different seasons within Forza Horizon 5?

Each week, Forza Horizon 5 will cycle through four seasons, each with its own climate. Spring is a particularly hot season. Summer is wet. Autumn is stormy and winter is dry. Unlike Forza Horizon 4, the weather is unpredictable. Seasons offer new seasonal racing contests and PR activities (speed zones, speed traps, and the like), as well as numerous other time assignments like weekly Forzathon. Seasons will start after you’ve completed your first Horizon Adventure – Apex, Wilds, or Baja – and you’ll be able to check the current season on the Festival Playlist screen. To add to the complexity, Forza Horizon 5 offers four distinct ‘Series’, each lasting four weeks and featuring unique challenges and rewards.

How do you switch seasons and when do they change?

Seasons within Forza Horizon 5 will rotate autonomously every week, so you’ll have to wait till the game’s weekly reset,  to try out a new season.
Seasons in Forza Horizon 5 change every Thursday at the following times:
2:30pm in the United Kingdom (GMT)
3:30 p.m. Europe (CEST)
Coast of the United States 9:30 a.m. in the United States (EST)
Coast of the West 6:30 a.m. in the United States (PST)

Be sure to keep an eye out for new tasks each week as they can help you to win exclusive automobiles.

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Come Grab Your Victory Crown In Fortnite Right Now!



The Victory Crown is now available in Solo, Duo, Trio, and Squad matches in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1.
The crowns help you get the skins from the Chapter 3 Battle Pass. Before that, you must know what a Victory Crown is and how to get one in Fortnite.

What is this Victory Crown?

Getting the Victory Crown in a Fortnite combat gives you extra XP for the whole match, perfect for climbing the Battle Pass ranks. It unlocks a distinctive emote that shows your total Crowned Victory Royals this season. Fortunately, this takes up no inventory space and may be thrown away if you don’t want the pressure. However, you must first obtain the Victory Crown within Fortnite.

So how exactly to you win a Victory Crown?

There are three methods to win a Victory Crown, the first of which gives you a crown in the battle you’re playing once you’ve earned it.
You must obtain high rank for either the Solo, Dups, Trios, or Squads battle to obtain the Victory Crown using this technique.
The following are the ranks you must achieve:
Top four solo players
Top two teams compete in duos.
Trios – The best team
Squads – The best team

Whether you’re playing Dups, Trios, or Squads, your whole team will get a Victory Crown. Even if you didn’t win the previous game, you’ll get the Victory Crown the following time you play.

The second approach is to assassinate a player who already has one.  When they kill an opponent, their name will glow golden. This signals they have now earned a Victory Crown. If you employ these signals, you must be able to identify and kill any opponents with Victory Crowns.  When the player is defeated, the Victory Crown will appear amid the treasure, with a golden shine to help you find it.

Finally, when you don’t want a Victory Crown, you may toss it away, which implies you can stumble over a discarded Victory Crown. You can even discover that yet another opponent has just elected to not pick up after killing the Victory Crown opponent.
However, this is not a dependable way for obtaining a Victory Crown, and we strongly advise against depending on it.

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Unlock Enkanomiya Map In Genshin Impact Now!



In this version of Genshin Impact’s it is a site filled with both hazard and mystery . We’ll show you exactly how to access the complete layout of Enkanomiya in this version. Thus, making it easy for you to explore the new land and learn its secrets as swiftly as possible.

How to gain access to this map?

Firstly you must first complete the global quest “Examine the Mechanisms and Open the Great Door Puzzle” to access the whole Enkanomiya region. To obtain the map of Enkanomiya, talk to NPC Enjou and visit the library. You’d guess that might be it, but you’ll need to accomplish the “From Dusk to Dawn in Byakuyakoku” global quest series to unlock three further islands and complete the map. The mission is started by talking to Eboshi at The Serpent’s Heart.

To summarize, here’s how you can access the entire Enkanomiya map in Genshin Impact version 2.4

Come into the library.
Enjou is the person to talk to.
Examine the map in front of him.
“From Dusk to Dawn in Byakuyakoku” must be completed.
Speak with Eboshi to begin his global quest.

The version 2.4 “Fleeting Colors in Flight” of Genshin Impact will run till February 15, 2022.

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