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Where To Find Water Motes in New World game



Water Motes locations new World game

Water Motes are one of the New World‘s most important craft materials for refining jewellery and craftsmanship. This guide will show you where Water Motes can be found in the New World game.

Water Motes is one of the materials used in the alchemy of ‘Essence’ for the production of gems and in various crafts. Water motes could be one of the simpler motes to find, used for refinement of aquamarine gems or for the production of the Elemental Heart.

You can either harvest Water Motes from a rare creature, collect them from a plant or mine a certain kind of iris vein that produce Water Motes like the other mots in the New World. This is where they can be found in New World.

Water Motes Location From Rivercress Plants

Rivercress plants capture water motes. Some of these plants will need to be collected in order to complete a history-based search, thus naturally.

They can be harvested only when you have reached level 30, which is increased by collecting Hemp, petalcaps and other plants which can be harvested.

This is situated on the banks of two rivers immediately north of Windsward Fort. Here is a reliable breeding, which may be collected for the Water Motes, of at least two or three rivercress.

Other resources are available, such as Petalcaps, branches of Briar as well as some Soul Prouts to Soul Motes on your way to Everfall.

Water Motes Location From Springstone

Most of Springstone is located in the highest levels of the map and the ear you may mine for Water Motes. To collect the Motes from Springstone, you need to take level 50 mining, but in Brightwood and beyond you need to also take on a higher level.

However, in Windsward, there are several areas where Springstone can be found. On the following map, we marked them.

Floating Spinefish

The last way to gain Water Motes is to discover the rare creature of floating spinefish, besides discovering them in alchemy chests. In the initial places, most commonly in higher levels, such as Ebonscale and Edengrove, these are rather unusual. In Windsward, however, there are a few spots where your spawn can be found.

Spinefish need not collect the harvest, therefore you can pick up the water motes early in the game. This also means that these spawning sites are expected to be highly popular and that you could wait some time because the Spine Fish only repaint every 20-25 minutes.

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