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Where to find EFH, Mangled Articulators, Golden Twin Blades and Golden Harvest in The Surge 2



Surge 2 guide

The Surge 2 is the newest, soul-like game by the creators of Lords of the Fallen and The Surge, and as such, one of the most challenging games ever. There is now the brand new The Surge 2 Future Shock DLC – and it’s totally free! But how do you get that?

This guide will show you where & how to find The Surge 2 EFH, Mangled Articulators, Golden Twin Blades and Golden Harvest – the four weapons available in the new DLC update. But be warned, it may not be easy. To get those weapons, you have a tedious task to hunt and defeat certain enemies. 

Where is the Surge 2 EFH?

So EFH is a high-performance weapon, also called “Engine From Hell”. It means a huge futuristic piston, which causes a lot of damage when it is slow. It can be found later in the game after defeating Major Ezra. Around the Cloud9 club, there is an abbreviation in the form of a lift, blocked on one side by boxes, right next to the elevator. The enemy with the EFH should be here. All you need to do is cut off his arms and you have the “Engine From Hell”

Where are the Mangled Surge 2 Articulators?

The Mangled Articulators are a pair of spiky giant gloves. You can find it much early in the game even before you beat Major Ezra. The enemy wearing this weapon will be in the underground area near the Metro station. This spiky weapon can be yours after you cut down the enemy’s arm. 

Where is the Surge 2 Golden Harvest?

This is a pair of deadly weapons that can be wielded only if you get them. The enemies wielding the Golden Harvest Double Duty can be found hiding near the starting zone right after the prison. The Rhino-armoured enemy will be hiding behind the boxes, kill the enemy and get rip the weapon off from him. 

Where is the Surge 2 Golden Twin Blades?

The Golden Twin Blades are what Shredder or Street Fighter’s Vega would wear if they made up for it – two huge wrist blade gloves. The enemy carrying these fearsome gauntlets is in the area above it, just outside Cloud 9. The twin blades are led by a PROTEUS enemy.

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