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What have been the greatest seasons from individual players still in the NBA?



What have been the greatest seasons from individual players still in the NBA?

When it comes to top-class sporting action, the NBA is the best around for many. The mixture of on-court action and off-court drama is heard to beat, after all. At the heart of this are the NBA players themselves. It is the superstars we all know and love who make games worth watching. While most people will focus on how NBA teams do during a season, individual players sometimes have a year when everything comes together. This sees them enjoy hugely impressive campaigns and play consistently to their peak level. 

This is not only good to watch as a fan but also great if you bet on the NBA. By keeping an eye on which players are playing out of their skin in the current campaign and driving their teams to victory, you can hopefully place more winning bets. If you also check out the latest NBA odds from, you will be able to enjoy better payouts from any bets that win. 

Players turning it on over a whole season is not something that is restricted to retired players – some of the best current players have previously enjoyed campaigns like this. But which have been the greatest individual seasons in NBA history from players who are still active?

LeBron James – 2012/13

When rounding up top individual seasons from active NBA players, you just know LeBron’s name is going to come up somewhere! A true basketball superstar, his sublime talent on the court and a winning mentality have made him a true legend. 

For many, the 2012/13 season he played for the Miami Heat is his best showing. It should not be forgotten that the Heat had won the championship the year before, so the pressure was on James to perform again. To say he stepped up to the plate is an understatement! 

Under his leadership, the Heat enjoyed a 66-16 regular season and a 27-game winning streak. On a personal level, 2012/13 saw him make an impressive 26.8 points per game on average and 7.3 assists per game. It was the Finals series against the Spurs where he really came alive, though. This culminated in him scoring 37 points in Game 7 to finish with another title and another Finals MVP award.

Steph Curry – 2015/16

Among the best individual seasons in NBA history, there is a mixture of old and current players. In terms of current players, Steph Curry’s awesome 2015/16 season for the Warriors looms large. This was a season when he used his well-known shooting prowess to spur the side on in regular season. This saw the Warriors go 24-0 by December and Curry become the first player since Jordan to notch 118 points in the first three games. 

The conclusion of the regular season saw Curry join the elite 50-40-90 club in NBA history. This saw him with a shooting percentage of .504, a .454 beyond the arc figure and a .908 free-throw percentage. He also made a huge 30.1 points per game on average. While injury affected his playoff and Finals performance somewhat, he still did enough to become the NBA’s first-ever unanimous MVP.

Kevin Durant – 2013/14

While this was not a championship winning season for Durant (this came later for the Warriors), it was an inspiring personal feat. As with the other active NBA stars on our list, the bare stats show why. He finished the season with a 32 points per game average, plus 7.4 rebounds per game and 5.5 assists per game. In addition, he netted 30 points or over in 12 games straight – this included 54 points in one game against the Warriors! 

As reward for driving the Thunder to 59 wins in regular season, Durant ended up as the NBA’s MVP for 13/14. Although the Thunder ultimately fell to the Spurs in the Conference Finals, this does not take away the shine from a truly magical season from Durant. Now that the rumored James Harden move to the Nets has enabled both players to hook up again, we may well see another top-class season from Durant coming up.

Top individual seasons from active NBA players

While basketball is a team game, the above shows that sometimes one person playing at their peak can be enough to drive a team on. While it might not always be to Finals glory, the individual performance one player can put in is often mightily impressive on its own. With the new NBA season not far away, it will be interesting to see who can do this again in future. 

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