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If you have been following the tech industry for a while, you would know that USB or Universal Serial Bus releases new versions a few years apart. We saw the release of USB 3 also known as USB Type C released a few years ago which has now become the standard for USB devices all around the world.

Basically, USB Type C is a reversible port where you don’t need to worry about which side is right or wrong. Because USB Type C can be inserted from either side and it will work the same way. Apart from that, USB Type C or USB 3 also improved the charging speeds, data transfer speeds as well as other improvements.

Now, USB 4 has been released at the IFA 2019 which means that we have a new standard for USB devices around the world. However, we are barely seeing the USB Type C standard being adopted now which is after a few years of its release. This means that USB 4 is expected to be adopted by major OEMs next year or year after that.

Talking about what USB 4 brings to the table, we can say that it uses the same port as USB 3 so that is a bonus. This means that you don’t need to buy new cables as you would have to do while switching from USB Type B to Type C devices.

In an official press release, USB-IF has listed all the improvements coming with USB 4:

  • Faster speeds: This architecture support two-lane operation using the existing USB Type-C cables and up to 40Gbps operation over certified cables. These speeds are 8 times the original USB 3 standard.
  • Efficient Display Data Handling: Multiple data and display protocols can efficiently share the maximum aggregate bandwidth over USB4 (important because USB Type-C has evolved as an external display port). This means if your display is utilizing X Gbps bandwidth out of 40Gbps, well, 40-x Gbps will be available for data transfer, power & more.
  • Backward compatibility: A newer protocol could make things difficult for users who are using devices with a similar port, but USB4 is backwards compatible with USB 3.2, USB 2.0 and Thunderbolt 3.

John brings 6 years of experience in helping grassroots, mid-sized organizations and large institutions strengthen their management and resource generating capacities and effectively plan for the future. He is also a mentor and career coach to artists working in the tech development arena. He loves writing on tech and sharing his opinions with the world. You can reach him at [email protected]

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Starbucks Employee Quit His Job With A Hilarious Song



Starbucks Employee Quit His Job with A Hilarious Song

A Barista dealing with hundreds of people daily is likely to be frustrated and stressed at work, especially, working under an impolite and impertinent boss.

We’ve all heard of Baristas quite a bit who quit their job due to an unpleasant ambiance at work. 

There’s a YouTube video going viral lately of a Barista from Starbucks. The man in the video above is Anesti Daniels who’s also a musician. He went viral for a song he sang at the Starbucks while quitting. 

As of now, his YouTube video views have crossed above 250,000. Anesti Daniels can be seen standing in the middle of Starbucks and playing his guitar. 

He starts by saying, “Hello everybody, can I get your attention super quickly?” 

“I’ve been working here for a few years, and it’s been so nice to work here…my lovely coworkers. I see all your lovely faces every day. And I have a song for my manager, and I hope you all enjoy it!”

As soon as he starts singing, the appreciation vanishes into thin air and the truth starts rolling out!

However, we don’t know what exactly Daniels went through but we are happy he has a new job. Also, he’s popular on YouTube now. 

Enjoy the song while sipping your coffee!

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Darksiders Genesis Guide: How to Break the Wall in Chapter 14?



Darksiders Genesis Guide- How to Break the Wall in Chapter 14?

The fourteenth Chapter of Darksiders Genesis requires you to blow up a destroyed wall in order to proceed ahead in the game. Follow this guide to know “How to break the wall in Chapter 14 of Darksiders Genesis.” 

Learn where to obtain the Bomb Growth bomb and how to take it to the wall. 

There are two platforms nearby the location. These Bomb Growths can be found behind the two platforms moving across the location. In order to get it, you will have to jump on both the platforms and then get on to the more steady shelf.  

Now that you have the bomb, it’s time to move to the bomb towards the destroyed wall. This can be done in two ways. 

First, throw the bomb straight to the wall when the road is empty. 

Second, a bit tedious way, throw the bomb right on the edge of the rocks near the platforms and jump on the steady platform.

Then, keep pulling and throwing the bomb until you reach the wall. 

Finally, place the bomb on the wall and ignite the fire. This is how to break the wall in chapter 14 of Darksiders Genesis, open the passage and continue the mission. 

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Tamil Rockers Commando 3 full movie free download Rising Trend on Google



Tamil Rockers Commando 3 full movie free download Rising Trend on Google

Nearly a week after the release of movie Commando 3 the movie is trending for all the wrong reasons. In spite of looking for a review of the film, people are busily hunting the pirated copy of the Commando 3 movie.

According to Google Trends, “Commando 3 full movie free download” is one of the rising keywords in India.

According to many news websites, the movie has already been leaked by the notorious group called “Tamil Rockers”. This group is responsible for the leak for multiple big-budget movies in the past few years.

Tamil Rockers initially started leaking the movies in the Tamil industry. Soon, the group got hands-on Bollywood, Hollywood and web series as well.

If you are an action movie lover then this is a must-watch. Considering Vidyut performing al the tough scene on his own.

We recommend fans to not look for Tamil Rockers Commando 3 full movie free download on Torrent or any other piracy site. It’s likely you will end up downloading malware or adware.

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