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Trending jobs for immigrants in Canada during COVID 19 Pandemic



The COVID 19 pandemic has brought a once-in-a-lifetime disruption to the global economy. Countless companies were forced to close their doors, millions of Canadians lost their jobs, reduced their working hours, and were temporarily made redundant during the crisis.

Although the economy has been hit hard by these changes, there are some hopeful signs. If you’re looking for work now, here’s a look at the skills and jobs that are in demand right now. Critical jobs have increased sharply since the pandemic, but what about the rest of the labor force?

Because COVID-19 keeps everyone at home, we spend more time online than ever before, and the digital platforms we depend on need developers to run them smoothly.


Developers help companies expand their e-commerce capacities and repair existing platforms, but many companies also rely on online sales to keep them afloat in times of social distancing. Employers are also using this slow phase to work on large-scale projects that are falling by the wayside as a result of pandemics.


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