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Top 3 Best Pokemon Attackers & Defenders In Pokemon Go!



In Pokemon Go, knowing how to use the greatest Pokemon is key to becoming the top Trainer and building up your Pokedex. The game may appear easy at first glance as you stroll around the real world, but there is plenty of depth beneath the surface for those who are willing to look for it. This shows up nowhere more than when you’re about to go into fight. It’s critical to know your stuff when events like the Season of Heritage, weekly Spotlight Hours, and confrontations against Team Rocket leaders Arlo, Cliff, Giovanni, and Sierra give chances to catch and power up some of the strongest Pokemon.

The top 3 Pokemon Attackers in Pokemon Go

Dragon-type Pokemon have always been favoured as the best attackers, and this is still the case today. From Rayquaza to Dragonite, as well as Legendaries like Mewtwo and Reshiram, there are lots of them here.


Mewtwo, the original Legendary monster, remains the greatest pick for attackers in Pokemon Go, as promised.
It’s a powerful, especially with a CP of over 4,000, thanks to a combination of legacy skills like Confusion and Psystrike. Its Fast Move is Confusion and Charge Move is Psystrike.


This exceedingly rare Mythical earned its place on the list by possessing the greatest Attack stats of any creature in the game, despite its weak Defense and Stamina.
In its Normal form, this is a perfect 345, and in its Attack form, it is an incredible 414. Zen Headbutt and Hyper Beam are the most powerful moves. Its Fast Move is Zen Headbutt and Charge Move is Hyper Beam.


You can’t get much better than Rayquaza when it comes to Dragons. With Dragon Tail and Outrage, it’s a great all-around attacker with Dragon-type attacks that are rarely resisted.
Because of its dual typing, the’mon may also be used as a superb Flying-type attacker if necessary. Its Fast Move is Dragon Tail and Charge Move is Outrage.

The top 3 Pokemon Defenders in Pokemon Go

Get one of these defenders on your squad if you wish to leave a Pokemon at a gym to earn daily cash or if you need a bulky alternative to send out first in battle to wear down your opponents.
In the end, you’ll want a decent mix of Defense and Stamina, the latter of which determines how much HP it has and how long it can stay in a gym before needing to rest.


Blissey is the finest pick for every trainer in Pokemon Go when it comes to best defenders. It possesses a huge amount of stamina (496) and a respectable Defense stat (169), making it the ideal’mon to leave in gyms to soak up damage.
However, one disadvantage of Blissey is that it is unlikely to be useful outside of this circumstance. Its Fast Move is Zen Headbutt and Charge Move is Dazzling Gleam.


Another Normal-type, Slaking, is ranked second in our top three. It boasts the game’s greatest maximum CP, with the potential to reach 5010 CP.
Although its Defense stat isn’t as good as Blissey’s or Snorlax’s, its high CP, Stamina, and Attack values should enable it fend off assailants. Its Fast Move is Yawn and Charge Move is Play Rough.


The Steel/Psychic-type Metagross will be fantastic at protecting gyms against assaults of the Fighting type. It features excellent stats as well as a whopping ten types of resistances. With the charge move Meteor Mash under its belt, it can now do substantial damage as well as defend, enhancing its use beyond only defending. Its Fast Move is Zen Headbutt and Charge Move is Meteor Mash.

These are our top recommendations based on numbers, maximum CP potential, vulnerabilities, our personal gameplay experiences and how well they’ll actually perform in battle.

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Come Grab Your Victory Crown In Fortnite Right Now!



The Victory Crown is now available in Solo, Duo, Trio, and Squad matches in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1.
The crowns help you get the skins from the Chapter 3 Battle Pass. Before that, you must know what a Victory Crown is and how to get one in Fortnite.

What is this Victory Crown?

Getting the Victory Crown in a Fortnite combat gives you extra XP for the whole match, perfect for climbing the Battle Pass ranks. It unlocks a distinctive emote that shows your total Crowned Victory Royals this season. Fortunately, this takes up no inventory space and may be thrown away if you don’t want the pressure. However, you must first obtain the Victory Crown within Fortnite.

So how exactly to you win a Victory Crown?

There are three methods to win a Victory Crown, the first of which gives you a crown in the battle you’re playing once you’ve earned it.
You must obtain high rank for either the Solo, Dups, Trios, or Squads battle to obtain the Victory Crown using this technique.
The following are the ranks you must achieve:
Top four solo players
Top two teams compete in duos.
Trios – The best team
Squads – The best team

Whether you’re playing Dups, Trios, or Squads, your whole team will get a Victory Crown. Even if you didn’t win the previous game, you’ll get the Victory Crown the following time you play.

The second approach is to assassinate a player who already has one.  When they kill an opponent, their name will glow golden. This signals they have now earned a Victory Crown. If you employ these signals, you must be able to identify and kill any opponents with Victory Crowns.  When the player is defeated, the Victory Crown will appear amid the treasure, with a golden shine to help you find it.

Finally, when you don’t want a Victory Crown, you may toss it away, which implies you can stumble over a discarded Victory Crown. You can even discover that yet another opponent has just elected to not pick up after killing the Victory Crown opponent.
However, this is not a dependable way for obtaining a Victory Crown, and we strongly advise against depending on it.

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Unlock Enkanomiya Map In Genshin Impact Now!



In this version of Genshin Impact’s it is a site filled with both hazard and mystery . We’ll show you exactly how to access the complete layout of Enkanomiya in this version. Thus, making it easy for you to explore the new land and learn its secrets as swiftly as possible.

How to gain access to this map?

Firstly you must first complete the global quest “Examine the Mechanisms and Open the Great Door Puzzle” to access the whole Enkanomiya region. To obtain the map of Enkanomiya, talk to NPC Enjou and visit the library. You’d guess that might be it, but you’ll need to accomplish the “From Dusk to Dawn in Byakuyakoku” global quest series to unlock three further islands and complete the map. The mission is started by talking to Eboshi at The Serpent’s Heart.

To summarize, here’s how you can access the entire Enkanomiya map in Genshin Impact version 2.4

Come into the library.
Enjou is the person to talk to.
Examine the map in front of him.
“From Dusk to Dawn in Byakuyakoku” must be completed.
Speak with Eboshi to begin his global quest.

The version 2.4 “Fleeting Colors in Flight” of Genshin Impact will run till February 15, 2022.

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GTA Online: Your Go To Game In 2022?



The GTA Online game still blows my mind. Undeniably, the fact that GTA Online, the online sequel to GTA 5. It will be celebrating its ninth anniversary later this year is incentive enough to play GTA Online in 2022. My reasoning for still playing San Andreas after all these time is because game continues to amaze me. Car chases at breakneck speeds, daring bank robberies, LSPD standoffs, and mile-high dogfights between missile-equipped MK 2 Oppressors and flying ‘Deluxos’ have come to represent Grand Theft Auto. But it’s the little moments deep inside a virtual city that keep me coming back for more. The fact that Dr. Dre came out of retirement to offer new tracks and his likeness to the game. That’s fantastic, and another reason I’ve been listening into the new year as a fan of GTA, G-funk, and the 2001 album.

Because its “GTA”?

The protagonist of GTA 5’s story mode Frank Clinton makes a return. Dr. Dre has lost a phone that includes his unheard music. It’s up to you, Franklin, and a computer genius called Imani, to locate it. It takes a citywide riot before the Good Doc is reunited with his tunes and you’re hailed a hero. From the minute you meet Dre at the Los Santos Golf Course, to the moment he leaves San Andreas via helicopter.

The Contract is a resounding endorsement of the finest of GTA Online in 2022. A pop culture icon and special songs not available in the real world, it’s a show not to be missed. Enter a casino penthouse party while tracking the melodies. As you leave the elevator into the hotel hallway, you hear a muffled bass surge and Dre’s voice on the other side of the door. Nodding your head to the beat, before hunting down and executing the host. However, the first half is subtle and wonderful, a wink from Rockstar as it generates excitement and tension beyond the obvious. 2018 GTA Online Update After Hours, with Solomun, Tale of Us, Dixon, and the Black Madonna as DJs, was similar. Each famous musician has their own missions and songs that can only be played at particular nightclubs that may be bought.

Amazing window shopping experience

 GTA Online has ensnared me because of these contemplative periods. The massive crime sim has gotten 38 free upgrades of increasing complexity and size. A huge array of customised weapons and vehicles, all of which may be accessible for free. The fact that GTA Online’s most desirable items may literally whiz by you on the street adds reality to a world already rich with character. Shark Cards may be purchased to exchange real-world money into in-game cash, although they aren’t required.

Weekly events provide 25% off purchases and rides, and certain game types get double GTA$ (in-game currency) and experience points. S ome Adversary Modes (player-vs-player initiatives with predefined rules) benefit from the same perks, repopulating otherwise empty lobbies. Aside from the update content, there’s always something going on in Los Santos. If you’re on PC and want to play as a murderous trash collector or simply play the guitar while the globe burns. Don’t forget to check out the ever-growing unofficial roleplay community.

The Diamond Casino improvement for GTA Online in 2019 fulfilled our Ocean’s Eleven fantasies. When we couldn’t leave our homes, the Cayo Perico upgrade in 2020 gave us a desert island to explore. The Contract, published in 2021, established a new bar for grandeur and spectacle in the long-running crime simulator. Who knows how GTA Online will be in 2022 with the  upcoming PS5 release in March?

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