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The Last of Us Part 2: Seattle Day 3 – The Escape collectibles walkthrough guide



Last of Us Part 2 arkansas and workbench location

Right after Abby and Yara find Lev the collectibles walkthrough begins and ends when they reach the Theater. You will find 1 Coin and 1 Workbench. Follow the Seattle Day 3 The Last of Us Part 2 guide below. 

Arkansas Coin Location

The Escape Coin 1 

You should find a Harstne Brewery semi-truck ahead of you once you pass through the building with Lev and Yara.  Look for the shopping cart to your left which would be next to a wall of wooden spikes. 

The Arkansas Coin will be in between the spikes and the cart. 

Workbench 2 Location

The Escape Workbench 1

The Escape Workbench location
The Escape Workbench location

Once you are done beating the wolves during the warehouse fight, boost Lev to access the next building. In a room with a whiteboard, you should find a Workbench right in front of you. 

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Where to find all Fortnite Floating Rings at Lazy Lake



Fortnite Floating Rings at lazy lake locations

There are quite a few floating rings that are waiting to be discovered by you at the Lazy lake. You might have already spotted one if you have reached the area. You need to obtain these rings for the Fortnite Week 3 challenges. Let’s get started with our following guide to find all the Floating rings at Lazy Lake locations.

Fortnite Floating Rings at Lazy Lake Map

Location of all four Fortnite floating rings at Lazy Lake?

The first Fortnite Floating ring in Lazy Lake can be found up in the north of the No Sweating Insurance building. Look on the north side of the location. 

location 1 – screengrab from HarryNinetyFour

The second ring is located above the barrier near the gatehouse which is in the northeast area of the town. 

location 2 – screengrab from HarryNinetyFour

The third ring can be found hovering top of a large tree which is on the junction right in the middle of the location. 

location 3 – screengrab from HarryNinetyFour

Head straight to Big Shots in the southeast corner to find the ring above the outdoor tables to get the final Fortnite FLoating ring in Lazy lake. 

location 4 – screengrab from HarryNinetyFour

This is all you need to do successfully complete the task and get all the four Fortnite Floating rings in Lazy Lake. 

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The Last of Us 2: All Artefacts Locations



Here’s how to find Artefacts in The Last of Us 2. In this The Last of Us 2 guide, we’re going to reveal all Artefacts locations in The Last of Us 2.

The Last of Us 2: All Artefacts Locations


Chapter: Waking Up

  • Artefact #1: Volunteer Request

Chapter: The Overlook

  • Artefact #1 – Letter from Seth

Chapter: Patrol

  • Artefact #1: A Note to Santa
  • Artefact #2: Supermarket Apology
  • Artefact #3: Good Boy Combo
  • Artefact #4: Eugene’s Firefly Pendant
  • Artefact #5: Photo of Tommy and Eugene
  • Artefact #6: Eugene’s Ultimatum

Chapter: Packing Up

  • Artefact #1: Joel’s Watch

Seattle Day 1

Chapter: The Gate

  • Artefact #1: Map of Seattle
  • Artefact #2: Refugee Note
  • Artefact #3: Infected Infographic
  • Artefact #4: Isaac’s Orders
  • Artefact #5: Checkpoint Gate Codes
  • Artefact #6: Rooftop Note

Chapter: Downtown

  • Artefact #1: FEDRA Census Document
  • Artefact #2: Cache Hunter Note
  • Artefact #3: Street Drawing
  • Artefact #4: Emergency Protocols Memo
  • Artefact #5: Rabbi Saunders’ Letter
  • Artefact #6: Letter from Isaac
  • Artefact #7: Bank Heist Plans
  • Artefact #8: Engraved Ring
  • Artefact #9: Bank Robber Letter
  • Artefact #10: Note to Informant
  • Artefact #11: WLF Community Supply Chest Note
  • Artefact #12: WLF Safe House Supply Note
  • Artefact #13: Pet Store Key
  • Artefact #14: Join WLF Note
  • Artefact #15: Plea to a Friend Letter
  • Artefact #16: Lt. Torres’ Final Memorandum
  • Artefact #17: List of Known WLF Agitators
  • Artefact #18: WLF Recruiter Journal

Chapter: Eastbrook Elementary

  • Artefact #1: Leah’s Note
  • Artefact #2: Leah’s Photograph
  • Artefact #3: Isaac’s Mandate

Chapter: Capitol Hill

  • Artefact #1: Chevy’s Apology
  • Artefact #2: Raul’s Olive Branch
  • Artefact #3: Rebecca’s Tip Off
  • Artefact #4: Tower Doodles
  • Artefact #5: Raul’s Account
  • Artefact #6: Fran’s Refusal
  • Artefact #7: Thrift Store Reminder

Chapter: Channel 13

  • Artefact #1: Dad’s Pep Talk

Chapter: The Tunnels

  • Artefact #1: Subway Note
  • Artefact #2: Whittled Statue
  • Artefact #3: Locker Room Code
  • Artefact #4: Soda Can Note
  • Artefact #5: Subway Station Note

Chapter: The Theatre

  • Artefact #1: Programme for Cassandra
  • Artefact #2: Lone FEDRA Soldier Journal #1
  • Artefact #3: Lone FEDRA Soldier Journal #2
  • Artefact #4: The Sick Habit Flyer/Set List

Chapter: The Birthday Gift

  • Artefact #1: Suicide Note

Seattle Day 2

Chapter: Hillcrest

  • Artefact #1: Boris’ Daughter’s Drawing
  • Artefact #2: Join WLF Note
  • Artefact #3: Need a Plan Note
  • Artefact #4: Yolanda’s Note
  • Artefact #5: Condolence Note
  • Artefact #6: Note in Hillcrest Tattoo Parlour
  • Artefact #7: Dale’s Combo
  • Artefact #8: Turn in Boris Note
  • Artefact #9: Boris’ Confession
  • Artefact #10: Rosemont’s Flyer

Chapter: Finding Strings

  • Artefact #1: Tara’s Invitation

Chapter: The Seraphites

  • Artefact #1: WLF Target List
  • Artefact #2: Last Letter to Husband
  • Artefact #3: Evacuation Letter
  • Artefact #4: WLF Deserter Letter
  • Artefact #5: Dying Husband’s Plea
  • Artefact #6: Pharmacy Note
  • Artefact #7: Hospital Supply List

Seattle Day 3

Chapter: Road to the Aquarium

  • Artefact #1: Garage Note
  • Artefact #2: Bookstore Note
  • Artefact #3: Textile Note

Chapter: The Flooded City

  • Artefact #1: Stash Note
  • Artefact #2: Shambler Note
  • Artefact #3: Sniper’s Note
  • Artefact #4: Encampment Note
  • Artefact #5: Arcade Flyer
  • Artefact #6: Arcade Note

The Park

Chapter: Tracking Lesson

  • Artefact #1: Owen’s Drawing of Abby
  • Artefact #2: Thank You Card from Mel
  • Artefact #3: Zoo Holiday Brochure

Seattle Day 1

Chapter: On Foot

  • Artefact #1: WLF Gun Cache Note

Chapter: The Forward Base

  • Artefact #1: WLF Interrogator Letter

Chapter: Hostile Territory

  • Artefact #0: Manny’s Notes
  • Artefact #1: Scar’s Suicide Letter
  • Artefact #2: Jasmine Bakery Safe
  • Artefact #3: Strange Artefact
  • Artefact #4: Plea to Seraphite Prophet
  • Artefact #5: WLF Soldier Meets Prophet Letter
  • Artefact #6: Seraphite Prayer to Prophet – Prosperity
  • Artefact #7: Seraphite Prayer to Prophet – Pairing
  • Artefact #8: Seraphite Prayer to Prophet – Steed
  • Artefact #9: Seraphite Prayer to Prophet – Respect
  • Artefact #10: Prayer for Victory
  • Artefact #11: Seraphite Prayer to Prophet – Peace
  • Artefact #12: Letter from Seraphite Father to Son

Chapter: The Forest

  • Artefact #1: Failed Truce

Chapter: The Coast

  • Artefact #1: Infirmary Note
  • Artefact #2: Mutiny Note
  • Artefact #3: Ferry Log

Seattle Day 2

Chapter: The Shortcut

  • Artefact #1: Amputation Supplies
  • Artefact #2: Survivor Plea
  • Artefact #3: Neighbour Exchange
  • Artefact #4: Scavenging List
  • Artefact #5: Seraphite Truce
  • Artefact #6: Seraphite Orders

Chapter: The Descent

  • Artefact #1: Gym Safe Combo
  • Artefact #2: FEDRA Orders
  • Artefact #3: FEDRA Final Note

Chapter: Ground Zero

  • Artefact #1: Annex Letter
  • Artefact #2: Soldier’s Letter
  • Artefact #3: Chapel Note
  • Artefact #4: Patient’s Note
  • Artefact #5: Doctor’s Note

Seattle Day 3

Chapter: The Marina

  • Artefact #1: Marina Note

Chapter: The Island

  • Artefact #1: WLF Scout Journal
  • Artefact #2: Venison Distribution Note
  • Artefact #3: Young Seraphite’s Journal
  • Artefact #4: Mournful Prayer Note

Santa Barbara

Chapter: 2425 Constance

  • Artefact #1: The Rattlers Note

Chapter: Pushing Inland

  • Artefact #1: Abby’s Note
  • Artefact #2: Mansion Note
  • Artefact #3: Runaway Warning

Chapter: The Resort

  • Artefact #1: Santa Barbara Slave Note
  • Artefact #2: Rattler’s Letter Home
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The Last of Us 2: All Safe Code Combinations



Where can you find all the Safes? It’s a two-step way to solve the issue of safe and combinations in The Last of Us 2. In order to break the puzzle, find the safe first, and then proceed with figuring out Safe Code Combination. In this particular guide, we are going to show how can you find all Safe Locations and Safe Code Combinations in The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2: All Safe Code Combinations

Here’s the list of all Safe locations and Safe Code Combinations in the game The Last of Us 2. By opening all the safes you will unlock the Safecracker Trophy. 

ChaptersSafesSafe Code Combinations
PatrolSafe Location072013
DowntownSafe #1 Location602306
DowntownSafe #2 Location0451
DowntownSafe #3 Location860722
Capitol HillSafe Location550133
HillcrestSafe Location308265
The SeraphitesSafe #1 Location100883
The SeraphitesSafe #2 Location385523
The Flooded CitySafe Location701264
On FootSafe Location173807
Hostile TerritorySafe Location689689
The CoastSafe Location907701
The ShortcutSafe Location302304
The DescentSafe Location121879
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