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The Last of Us 2: All Safe Code Combinations



Where can you find all the Safes? It’s a two-step way to solve the issue of safe and combinations in The Last of Us 2. In order to break the puzzle, find the safe first, and then proceed with figuring out Safe Code Combination. In this particular guide, we are going to show how can you find all Safe Locations and Safe Code Combinations in The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2: All Safe Code Combinations

Here’s the list of all Safe locations and Safe Code Combinations in the game The Last of Us 2. By opening all the safes you will unlock the Safecracker Trophy. 

ChaptersSafesSafe Code Combinations
PatrolSafe Location072013
DowntownSafe #1 Location602306
DowntownSafe #2 Location0451
DowntownSafe #3 Location860722
Capitol HillSafe Location550133
HillcrestSafe Location308265
The SeraphitesSafe #1 Location100883
The SeraphitesSafe #2 Location385523
The Flooded CitySafe Location701264
On FootSafe Location173807
Hostile TerritorySafe Location689689
The CoastSafe Location907701
The ShortcutSafe Location302304
The DescentSafe Location121879