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Taylor Swift first female solo artist to win MTV 2020 VMAs Best Director Award



Taylor Swift first female solo artist to win MTV 2020 VMAs Best Director Award
Image Credit: MTV

Taylor Swift, 30, won the award for Best Direction, a first for any solo female artist in the show’s history.

She made her directional debut for her single “The Man,” in the video, Taylor Swift dresses up as the male character and shows us how much easier life would be as a white man.

Swift underwent a major transformation using prosthetics and a movement coach to become a man. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson provided the voice-over for Swift’s speaking parts in the video.

“Guys, this is amazing. This is the first video I’ve ever directed on my own and I just — I’m so grateful for this. I want to take an opportunity to say thank you for the team who believed in me as a first-time director and made this video with me,” Swift said in her VMAs acceptance speech on Sunday.

She continued by giving a shoutout to the team who helped bring her vision to life.

“My DP, my AD, my editor, Ethan, Joe, Bill and his team for turning me into a guy, which was very thrilling. I also want to thank two women that I’d worked with convinced me that I was up to the challenge of directing on my own and those women were my producers on this video, Rebecca Skinner and Jil Hardin. Thank you for that,” Swift continued.

“The Man” singer added: “I was told this was an industry-voted award so I want to say thank you to everyone in the industry who voted for this video. I also really want to thank the fans because you are the only reason the industry cares about anything that I do and everything that you have done this summer.”

“I’m so blown away and taken aback by your generosity to me. Thank you for everything. I hope I get to see you soon,” she concluded.

Taylor Swift beat Doja Cat,Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Harry Styles and The Weeknd for the Best Direction award.