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Sabrina Claudio – Christmas Blues Lyrics and Tracklist



Sabrina Claudio - Christmas Blues Lyrics and Tracklist The West News

Christmas Blues is the first holiday-themed album by Miami singer-songwriter Sabrina Claudio. Following the release of the first single “Warm December,” a November 2020 Variety Magazine interview quoted Claudio saying:

“Warm December” perfectly introduces the sentiment and temperature of the album as a whole. It sets the mood and brings you into the world of a Sabrina Claudio Christmas!

Sabrina Claudio – Christmas Blues Tracklist

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The album was spawned after Claudio’s manager suggested she try her hand at Christmas song, thus creating the title track “Christmas Blues.” Claudio expanded on the decision with V Magazine:

The process was just going with the flow. Initially, it was just supposed to be one song. It was just fun—I’ve never experienced anything having to do with holiday writing, and it was just so fun to do. And after “Christmas Blues,” we just wanted to get back in and see if we could beat [it], but we ended up loving everything that we wrote and we came up with a whole album, and then everything else just kind of followed the album, in terms of the videos and pictures and features. It just happened the way it was supposed to. There was no pressure behind it, no force, no nothing. And so I think that’s what makes it so special and it feels so good. […] I just want everyone to know that my intention behind writing this album was to bring any type or amount of calmness or nostalgia or happiness for this insane year that we’ve had. I hope it just brings some sort of smile to someone’s face, even if it’s for the length of a song.

She also added why she chose to keep “Christmas Blues” as the title track:

Because you’re in your feelings the whole album, which is my vibe. I like to put people in their feelings.

On November 23, Claudio took to social media to announce the album would drop later that week and on November 26, she announced the track-list, which includes collaborations with The Weeknd and Alicia Keys.

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