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Reasons Why You Should Visit Finland At Least Once



Why visit Finland? Named as the happiest country in the world Finland is home to an array of recreational possibilities, pristine water bodies and forests, snow, the most modest people, northern lights, and much more. Here are some of the reasons why you should visit Finland at least once.


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The capital city and the most populated of Finland, Helsinki is the third largest city after Stockholm and Oslo in the Nordic countries. It is also the most important city considering the countries politics, education, culture, finance, research, and innovation. Helsinki is considered to be one the highest urban standards of living in the world, also one of the most liveable city by Monocle. 

Witness the Surreal Northern Lights

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The best place to observe the northern lights would be Lapland without a doubt. It’s difficult to fit the experience of witnessing the most spectacular and surreal light show in words. The Aurora Borealis can be viewed from glass igloos specially made for tourist in Lapland. The lights are visible pretty much all year. 

Restaurant Day

Just Imagine everyone can set up their own restaurant anywhere in the country. It can be based near your office, home, garden or even on the streets! Restaurant day is most commonly practiced in Helsinki. Everyone is free to play the role of a waiter, bartender, chef, etc. The event takes place four times a year when everyone is allowed to set up a restaurant of their own. 


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Moose, also known as elks in some parts of Europe are most often found in the forest of Finland. Finland forests are home to 100,000 moose which can be seen and heard running through the vast forests.

National Parks

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One of the most important reasons to visit Finland is its national parks. Well protected  40 national parks which are one of the most popular tourist destination in Finland. Explore these national parks for Rapids, valleys(rift valleys), eskers, hiking, snowshoeing and other recreational pursuits.

A Haven for Vodka Lovers

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Finland is a close competitor to Russia in the vodka industry and it has some of the well-known brands of vodka. Mint and Lime are the most popular flavours in Finland. The most well-known brand is Finlandia. Government run Allko stores are the only ones who can legally sell vodka.  Make sure you don’t end up drinking too much. 

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