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Promo Codes List for Roblox (September 2021) – Free Clothes & Items!



Promo Codes List for Roblox (September 2021) – Free Clothes & Items!

This guide includes a complete list of all active and not-yet-expired Roblox Promo Codes! If you want to receive some free accessories and goods for your avatar, we’ve got some simple codes that will have you looking fashionable in no time. This list is continually being updated with codes that are available for September 2021!

Customizing your Roblox persona is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game. Regrettably, some of the customising will cost you a significant amount of Robux. That’s one of the best things about promo codes: they’ll provide you some fun-looking cosmetics for your avatar for no cost!

The Twenty One Pilots Concert Experience will be the next big event on Roblox. You won’t want to miss this concert, which is set to be just as interactive as last year’s Lil Nas X event. On Wednesday, September 15 at 6 p.m. CT, there will be a pre-show, and the concert will begin on Friday, September 17 at 6 p.m. CT.

In the meanwhile, gamers can complete an in-game scavenger hunt to receive free Avatar items like the Twenty One Pilots Flag. If you’re looking for a quick reward, check out the Bandito Army Jacket, which you can get for free from the Avatar Shop!

EVENT: Bakugan Launch Party

The Bakugan Launch Party is now live on Roblox, and players may get a Drago Companion shoulder item just for starting the game. The Drago Companion is an Avatar item that can be modified at any moment on your Avatar. For launching the adventure, players will also receive the Dan Kouzu avatar, however this is simply an in-game bundle.


Players can get this free hat accessory by redeeming the Pasta Hat, which is the most recent Promo Code item. To acquire this free spaghetti-themed cap, look for the code below and redeem it on the Roblox Promo Codes redemption page. Make sure you don’t spill the sauce!

CARREFOURHOED2021 – Redeem code for Pasta Hat accessory

Avatar Bundle: Kid Nezha Bundle

The Kid Nezha Avatar Bundle may be obtained by participating in the Luobu Mystery Box Hunt event. Near the spawn entryway, there is a monument that you must touch with your Roblox Avatar. Simply run up to the statue and a confirmation message will appear, awarding you the Kid Nezha Bundle

Item: Classic Cap

The Classic Cap is a free cap that can be obtained through the Roblox Community Space experience. Three simple objectives must be completed by the players: Hang art on the walls. Visit the games area and the Photo Booth for a photo. Players can obtain the Classic Cap as a free gift once they’ve completed the game.

EVENT: Vans World items

The Vans World event, which began on Roblox on September 1st, is now open to players! Players in Vans World may skate throughout several parks with their pals and accumulate wafflecoins to exchange for a variety of Vans-exclusive stuff. Every day, a new free item (such as the Black Realm Backpack) rotates inside the Vans Apparel store, so players should visit every day. Make sure you claim all of the freebies before the timer runs out!

Verizon Up Reward: Pro Gamer Helmet

The Pro Gamer Helmet is available to all Verizon account holders as part of the Verizon Up rewards programme. This item, unfortunately, does not have a workaround. There is no alternative way to redeem this item if you or your parents do not have a Verizon account.

Amazon Item: Monkey Safari Hat

Another free Monkey Safari Hat accessory is available from Amazon! By entering into the Roblox app from their mobile device, Amazon device owners can get this hat accessory for free. However, PC users can get the Monkey Safari Hat for free through a workaround.

PROMO CODE: Golf Shades

Players can use the coupon code below to get the Golf Shades face accessory. Simply input the code below on the Roblox Promo Codes redemption page.

Golf Shades – KROGERDAYS2021

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