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Popular Streamer Tfue is possibly in trouble for racist comments during Twitch stream




If you are still someone who believes that gaming is a waste of time, you might be in a minority. Because we have seen that people who are gaming for a living are earning millions from doing what they love. However, this was not the case when you would casually play games for days just for fun. Nowadays, gamers use a proper setup as well as live-stream their gameplay on platforms. One of the most popular gaming platforms in today’s time is Twitch. We recently saw that the popular streamer Ninja moved from Twitch to Mixer owned by Microsoft. This is possibly a deal by Microsoft to make the Mixer platform popular.

Now, we are here to tell you that racist comments were made by Tfue in a live-stream he did on Twitch. This live-stream was regarding Minecraft that he played recently. Although there is no video of that gameplay available on Twitch, Reddit mirrors, as well as other evidence, show that colourful language was indeed used. Now, it is understood that when games become intense, foul language is used but it is not allowed on Twitch who has some strict guidelines. Now Tfue commented on the live-stream that “Y’all motherfuckers killed that nigga. Y’all can suck my pee-pee, man.”. It has to be mentioned that this is not directed towards any viewer or another player. However, a slur is still a slur even if it is said in general and it definitely violates Twitch’s guidelines.

Also, Tfue has been in violation of Twitch’s guidelines twice already when his account got suspended for some time. The problem is that if Twitch finds him in violation once again, it will mean that he will have his third strike. Basically, Twitch has a strike system where three strikes for violation of its guidelines means that the account gets banned. However, the problem for Twitch is that Tfue is the largest streamer on its platform right now so it could also lose many subscribers and viewers if it decided to ban Tfue’s account.

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