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Pokimane & OfflineTV to buy $100k Boston Dynamic Spot robot dog?



Pokimane & OfflineTV to buy $100k Boston Dynamic Spot robot dog?

The OfflineTV members Pokimane, Disguised Toast, and Michael Reeves are spending out a total of $105,000 to get their very own Boston Dynamics robot dog, Spot. 

The OfflineTV collective consists of the most popular content creators from Twitch and YouTube – each one having a huge following on their respective channels, also group channel.

 They are pretty much together, which makes it convenient for them to collaborate on a project. However, Pokimane, Michael Reeves, and Disguised Toast are collectively going to buy the robot dog now.  

The popular YouTuber and streamer noted that now the robots are on sale from Boston Dynamics, he has been trying to get his hands on one. The dogs start at around $74,000 but you can throw on some modifications.

While it might be pretty cool to own one anyway, Reeves’ idea would make the OfflineTV’s robot a one of a kind. “Imagine you’re at a party and you’re like where’s the drinks? Oh, just go to the robot dog,” he started.

“You go over to the robot dog and I’ve programmed the robot dog to pee out beer into a cup and you will never ever forget that party as long as you live,” he added, much to the amusement of his fellow creators.

While some might think that’s a wacky and crazy idea that would never come to fruition, the personalities have pooled their money together.

Disguised Toast even tweeted out messages between himself and Pokimane about how quick they get the robot from Boston Dynamics themselves.

It’ll certainly be something to keep an eye on, especially given the ideas that Reeves has for the robot dog.

We’ll just have to wait and see what other mad scientist plans get tossed around in the near future.

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