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Pokémon GO Promo Codes November 2021




This November 2021, we’ve prepared a list of all the promotional codes for Pokemon GO.

Trainers aren’t out of luck when it comes to Pokemon GO promo codes just because the year is almost done. Pokemon GO, Niantic Labs’ augmented reality (AR) game, may occasionally issue unique codes that can be redeemed for free stuff in-game, similar to many other mobile games. These tend to renew once a month, giving trainers an opportunity to get bundles they might not otherwise get.

Here are all of the active Pokemon GO promo codes for November 2021.

Pokémon GO Promo Codes November 2021

At the time of writing, there are three active codes for November 2021:

  • KUAXZBJUTP3B7—Samsung Avatar Items E9K4SY77F5623—10 PokeBalls
  • E9K4SY77F5623—10 PokeBalls
  • LRQEV2VZ59UDA —Avatar Items from Verizon

Trainers can use Niantic’s offer redemption portal to redeem these codes. The procedure is really straightforward. They only need to go to the page and log in with their e-mail, Facebook, or Niantic Kids credentials. They’ll be asked to enter the code, which will be credited to the Pokemon GO account associated with those log-in credits.

Trainers will not be able to obtain a 10 PokeBalls gift indefinitely because codes can only be used once per account.

Great and/or Ultra Balls, Berries, Lucky Eggs, Incense, and even Stickers are among the other rewards.

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Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Get Rid of Sprawl



Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Get Rid of Sprawl

When combating the Archaeans in Rainbow Six Extraction, sprawl is one of the more annoying things to cope with. It’s the black tar or gooey substance that begins to coat all surfaces, even the ground, in missions. It slows you down when you tread on it. They can harm you in some missions as part of the mutations, such as the Caustic Sprawl modification. In Rainbow Six Extraction, here’s how to get rid of Sprawl.

How to get rid of Sprawl in Rainbow Six Extraction

You may get rid of the irritating gunk that gets all over your boots in a variety of methods. To begin, you can eliminate Nests that produce a significant lot of it. When a Nest is destroyed, only a tiny area of Sprawl around it is destroyed. If you complete a Takedown, you’ll wipe off a lot more, allowing you to move around without being slowed down.

Melee attacks

A melee strike will also remove a tiny section of it, depending on where you hit it. This strategy is sluggish, but it has the advantage of not alerting attackers. It’s only a good idea to do this if you’re making a path for yourself to run in if you find yourself surrounded by Archies.

Shooting the Sprawl with your guns

Using your weaponry to shoot at impacted locations is a significantly faster way to clear away Sprawl. You can spray the floor in front of you with an assault rifle, SMG, or LMG to clear most of it and provide yourself with a standard passage. This will, however, come at the cost of your ammunition. If squandering clips is worth it, it all depends on the task you wish to participate in. When shooting at the places with your guns, if the bullets hit too close to a Nest region or if your guns don’t have silencers, you risk alerting adversaries.

Use the React Laser

You won’t be able to use this gun attachment until you reach React Milestone level 25. Before you can even get there, you’ll have to put in some effort. This goes hand in hand with the UV light adapter that came with your firearms from the beginning. The most effective approach to deal with it is to use a laser, which does not use bullets.

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Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Unlock Harder Difficulties



Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Unlock Harder Difficulties

Given how simple it is to become overpowered and murdered by your foes, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction is a difficult game to beat. This isn’t the kind of zombie game where you can just confront waves of zombies, infected, or, in this case, the Archaeans, and survive. It’s far more tactical, relying significantly on map awareness, team coordination, and intelligence collection. As you gain experience, you’ll want to venture into more difficult territory. Here’s how to make Rainbow Six Extraction tougher.

How to unlock harder difficulties in Rainbow Six Extraction

Increase your React Milestone levels to unlock the harder difficulties. You’ll begin with the Moderate and Cautious challenges. At React Milestone level 7, you’ll be able to play on the Severe difficulty, and at level 11, you’ll be able to play on the Critical difficulty.

These are the options for each difficulty level or threat level as it’s known in-game:


  • Operators level 1-3
  • Few low-level Archaeans
  • No parasite mutations


  • Operators level 3+
  • Low-level Archaeans
  • Parasite Mutation Risk: 50%
  • +50% objective XP


  • Operators level 6+
  • Full Archaean Ecosystem
  • Parasite Mutation Risk: 75%
  • +100% objective XP


  • Operators level 8+
  • Full Archaean Ecosystem
  • Parasite Mutation Risk:100%
  • +200% objective XP

The higher the difficulty, the higher the risk-reward ratio. It is also advised that you adhere to the Operator level threshold. It’s incredibly simple to perish in Rainbow Six Extraction, and with the difficulty level increasing and the number of adversaries thrown at you increasing, it’s easy to fall behind.

Even if you can unlock the harsher levels early on, you should familiarise yourself with a few Operators so that you have a backup in case one of yours goes MIA.

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Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Unlock Tech



Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Unlock Tech

The enhanced usage of technology for Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction is something that many Siege players will be unsure about. Characters in Siege had specific tech and devices as part of their loadout. Hibana, for example, has Stun Grenades and Breach Charges in her arsenal. She can utilize Frags, Claymores, or Smoke Grenades in this game if she wants. Other characters are affected as well, but you’ll have to unlock them first. Here’s how to make tech available to all Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction.

How to unlock tech in Rainbow Six Extraction

Tech is unlocked in the same way as Operators are unlocked in the game. The only difference is that once you’ve unlocked them, you can only select a small number of them at a time. In your React Milestones, the tech will unlock at various levels. Here’s a list of all the gadgets and technology you can purchase for each tier.

Tier 0

  • Recon Drone
  • Smoke Grenade

Tier 1 – Unlocked at React Milestone level 1

  • Impact Grenade
  • Scan Mine
  • Body Armor
  • Revive Kit

Tier 2 – Unlocked at React Milestone level 6

  • Claymore
  • Stun Grenade
  • Glue Grenade
  • Ammo Satchel

Tier 3 – Unlocked at React Milestone level 12

  • Frag Grenade
  • Field Wall
  • Scan Grenade
  • Explosive Harness
  • XR Recon Drone

Tier 4 – Unlocked at React Milestone level 18

  • Nitro Cell
  • Paralysis Grenade
  • Arc Mine
  • Recon Vapor Device
  • Anabolic Accelerant

Tier 5 – Unlocked at React Milestone level 25

  • React Laser

When the gadgets are unlocked at their respective Milestones, they can be purchased for 1 REACT Token apiece. Choose cautiously at the beginning of the game because you won’t be able to buy all of them until you get close to Tier 4.

As you move through the Milestone levels, you will earn more Tokens. Finally, once purchased, the last gadget will become a permanent addition to all guns.

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