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Orville Peck – Kids Lyrics



“Orville Peck – Kids Lyrics”

[Verse 1]
Never really felt this world
Haystack boy and dust cake girl
But I, I know we never tried
Passin’ the days away
Dare me on a dime to say
That we had everything we need

Runnin’ out into the night
Starry boots and open eyes, yeah
You told me to shut my mouth and to my surprise
Neither one of us has died

[Verse 2]
Washed up, nowhere to go
Hate to say I told you so
But I’m, I’m just a nervous guy
Target on our backs each day
Tails turn, or so they say
But we, we know that nothin’s free

Runnin’ out into the night
Gettin’ low on luck, it’s time to fight, yeah
You call me up and tell me all your frights
‘Cause neither one of us has died

Runnin’ out into the night
Watch the girls, they’re out of sight, yeah
I keep thinkin’ we’ll disappear, but years go by
Still, neither one of us has died

Credits & Info

Written By Orville Peck
Release Date August 14, 2020

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