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NHL 2020 restart schedule: Updated dates, TV channels for qualifying round & playoff games



NHL 2020 restart schedule- Updated dates, TV channels for qualifying round & playoff games
NHL 2020 restart schedule: Updated dates, TV channels for qualifying round & playoff games

Finally, the NHL is back again! The next three months fans will again get to watch with the hope the league will conclude the season despite the ongoing battle against the pandemic.

 The 24 teams will be in contention when the NHL resumes August 1. Out of 24, 16 teams will be participating in the best-of-five series to qualify for the playoff bracket. At the same time remain eligible for Phase 2 of NHL’s draft lottery. 

Let’s look at the list below for NHL’s 2020 season restart. Also, the start time and TV channels for the games. 

NHL schedule 2020 

We have a curated day to day schedule for the NHL’s restart which includes from round robin and qualifying series. 

The time and TV channel for Aug 6-9 are yet to be finalized. IT will be updated as soon as it is announced. 

Saturday (August 1)

GameTimeTV channel
Rangers vs. HurricanesNoon ETNBCSN, SN, fuboTV
Blackhawks vs. Oilers3 p.m. ETNBC, SN, fuboTV
Panthers vs. Islanders4 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN1, fuboTV
Canadiens vs. Penguins8 p.m. ETNBC, SN, fuboTV
Jets vs. Flames10:30 p.m. ETNBCSN, CBC, SN, fuboTV

Sunday (August 2)

GameTimeTV channel
Coyotes vs. Predators2 p.m. ETUSA, SN1, fuboTV
Flyers vs. Bruins3 p.m. ETNBC, SN, fuboTV
Blues vs. Avalanche6:30 p.m. ETNBCSN, fuboTV
Blue Jackets vs. Maple Leafs8 p.m. ETNHLN, SN, fuboT
Wild vs. Canucks10:30 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN, fuboTV

Monday, Aug. 3

GameTimeTV channel
Rangers vs. HurricanesNoon ETNBCSN, SN, fuboTV
Jets vs. Flames2:30 p.m. ETNHLN, SN, fuboTV
Capitals vs. Lightning4 p.m. ETNBCSN, fuboTV
Stars vs. Golden Knights6:30 p.m.NHLN, SN1, fuboTV
Canadiens vs. Penguins8 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN, fuboTV
Blackhawks vs. Oilers10:30 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN, fuboTV

Tuesday, Aug. 4

GameTimeTV channel
Panthers vs. IslandersNoon ETNBCSN, SN, fuboTV
Coyotes vs. Predators2:30 p.m. ETNHLN, SN1, fuboTV
Blue Jackets vs. Maple Leafs4 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN, fuboTV
Flames vs. Jets6:45 p.m. ETNHLN, SN, fuboTV
Hurricanes vs. Rangers8 p.m. ETNBCSN, fuboTV
Wilds vs. Canucks10:45 p.m. ETUSA, SN, fuboTV

Wednesday, Aug. 5

GameTimeTV channel
Islanders vs. PanthersNoon ETNBCSN, SN, fuboTV
Predators vs. Coyotes2:30 p.m. ETNHLN, fuboTV
Lightning vs. Bruins4 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN, fuboTV
Avalanche vs. Stars6:30 p.m. ETNHLN, fuboTV
Penguins vs. Canadiens8 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN, fuboTV
Oilers vs. Blackhawks10:30 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN, fuboTV

Thursday, Aug. 6

GameTimeTV channel
Capitals vs. FlyersTBDTBD
Hurricanes vs. RangersTBDTBD
Maple Leafs vs. Blue JacketsTBDTBD
Golden Knights vs. BluesTBDTBD
Canucks vs. WildTBDTBD
Flames vs. JetsTBDTBD

Friday, Aug. 7

GameTimeTV channel
Penguins vs. CanadiensTBDTBD
Islanders vs. PanthersTBDTBD
Maple Leafs vs. Blue JacketsTBDTBD
Oilers vs. BlackhawksTBDTBD
Predators vs. CoyotesTBDTBD
Canucks vs. WildTBDTBD

Saturday, Aug. 8

GameTimeTV channel
Flyers vs. LightningTBDTBD
Canadiens vs. PenguinsTBDTBD
Rangers vs. HurricanesTBDTBD
Golden Knights vs. AvalancheTBDTBD
Blackhawks vs. OilersTBDTBD
Jets vs. FlamesTBDTBD

Sunday, Aug. 9

GameTimeTV channel
Bruins vs. CapitalsTBDTBD
Panthers vs. IslandersTBDTBD
Blue Jackets vs. Maple LeafsTBDTBD
Stars vs. BluesTBDTBD
Coyotes vs. PredatorsTBDTBD
Wild vs. CanucksTBDTBD

Where to watch or Stream NHL games?

The NHL games will broadcast across the USA either on NBC, NBC Sports, or USA Network. 7 games shall be available on NHL Network. It can also be streamed via NHL TV or fuboTV. 

Canadians will be able to watch the games on Sportnet and its affiliates. CBC will simulcast the opening game between the Canadiens and Penguins on Saturday. 

When will NHL playoffs start in 2020?

  • Qualifiers and round-robins: Saturday, Aug. 1
  • First round: Aug. 11
  • Second round: Aug. 25 (tentative)
  • Conference finals: Sept. 8 (tentative)
  • Stanley Cup Final: Sept. 22 (tentative)

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Source: SportingNews

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