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New Batman ‘Death in the Family’ animated film will be interactive



New Batman ‘Death in the Family’ animated film will be interactive

The upcoming Batman movie will include interactive storytelling features, which will leave the control in the viewer’s hands to choose their experiences. Also, one can even kill the Robin if he wishes to. 

The trailer of “Death in the Family” animated Batman film came in as a surprise for the Dark Knight fans from DC. 

Similar to Black Mirror’s “Bandersnatch” the movie would rely on viewers as one can make decisions throughout the story to affect its final result. 
The story emphasizes the death of Jason Todd, who became Robin after the departure of Dick Grayson, and his eventual transformation into the violent vigilante Red Hood.

After looking at the trailer carefully, its clear Todd’s life will be in the hands of viewers. The ending will be based on the choices one makes. Interestingly enough, this fan-based story hearkens back to the actual

Batman comics in the 80’s, when the “Death in the Family” story was first released. DC held a fan vote before the issue on whether or not Jason Todd should live or die, with the latter narrowly winning out and the character being killed off (as Robin, anyway).

We might be able to see what would happen if Jason hadn’t been sentenced to death by Batman fans all those years ago. Let’s find out the outcome when “Death in the Family” releases on Blu-ray and Digital HD later this year. 

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