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Mum-of-2 killed in a severe attack by wild bear as she walked near picturesque lake



Mum-of-2 killed in a severe attack by wild bear as she walked near picturesque lake

Anastasia Lukashova, 39, was found by her husband severely wounded after being attacked by a wild bear while on a family holiday in the Severo-Yeniseysk district, Russia.

The mother-of-two was killed in a brutal attack by a wild bear as she walked near a picturesque lake in Severo-Yeniseysk.

She was attacked brutally by the predator during a holiday with her family in the Severo-Yeniseysk district, Russia, today.

The successful retail entrepreneur was found by her husband gravely wounded as he drove to her after becoming concerned about her absence.

He rushed the businesswoman to hospital but she sadly died on the way, according to Russian police.

“The attack happened today in the taiga by Lake Lesnoye, next to the village of Baikal,” regional police told the Podyem website.

“The woman was walking on a forest road when she was supposedly attacked by a brown bear.

“Her husband found the wounded woman and drove her to hospital, but sadly she died on the way.”

Hunting experts were called to the site and are now searching for the killer bear.

The attack was in the Severo-Yeniseysk district some 250 miles north of regional capital Krasnoyarsk.

Many regions in Russia have reported a higher-than-usual number of bear attacks on humans this year.

Hot, dry weather may have resulted in a shortage of forest food – for example berries – for the bears.

As a result the predators are thought to be venturing closer to settlements and holiday camps.

Source: Mirror Uk

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