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Little boy overwhelmed with emotion at first fish catch: ‘First day of my whole life!’



“It’s the first day of my whole life!” he says with great joy, while struggling to hold the fish’s pull

Social media is trending with an adorable little boy out fishing with his dad on Lake Champlain in Quebec made his very first catch – and it certainly is the cutest thing you will see today.  

The young angler is seen in the nearly two and a half-minute clip reeling in a fish as his dad walks him through the process. As he attempts to bring the fish in, he giggles and at one point exclaims the creature is “fighting” him.

“It’s the first day of my whole life!” he says with great joy, while struggling to hold the fish’s pull.

His dad can be heard telling him to keep the line tight, which causes the little boy to shoot him a pouting look, but he recovers his excitement once he sees the fish start to pull his rod down.

Eventually, the little boy is able to pull the fish up out of the water where his dad catches it with a net.

Once he sees his large catch, he is suddenly overcome with emotion.

“That was my first fish,” he says. “That makes me cry.”

Soon, however, he returns to his happy-go-lucky self when he dad hands him the fish to pose with. The little boy giggles while holding the slippery fish and then throws it back into the water.

Those on YouTube, where the video was posted by Storyful earlier this week, were delighted by the father-son bonding moment.

“Congrats kiddo you did a great job and you’re a wonderful father,” one person wrote.

“How cute. He’s gonna remember that,” wrote another.

“Thanks for being a great father and letting him do it all by himself!” another praised.

“Good for you little man! Nice Catch!” one applauded.

Fishing has been lauded as one of the best social distancing activities for summer by the Arkansas Fish and Game Commission.

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