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Learn All the Details So Far About Season 2 of DC’s Stargirl



The second season of DC’s newest comic book live action series, Stargirl, will premiere sometime later this year on The CW instead of the DC Universe service. Some news about the upcoming season has surfaced from sources such as the virtual New York Comic Con panel headed by executive producer Geoff Johns. Fans can prepare for season two by learning about some of the most important information.

The Rise of New Foes

The first season finale saw the defeat of Icicle and the disbandment of the Injustice Society after the next generation of heroes foiled their plan. However, old ISA member The Shade, who only had a brief presence in the show, will play a bigger role in season two’s plot. He will be portrayed by English actor Jonathan Cake. Additionally, Shiv’s discovery of a mysterious diamond threatens to unleash Nick Tarabay’s Eclipso, a powerful entity that is set to be the biggest threat in the series.

New Heroes Step Up

At the same time, some of the old Justice Society items that Courtney Whitmore recovered will gain new users. For instance, Mike’s friend Jakeem Thunder will use the giggling pink pen to accidentally free Thunderbolt, an electric genie who can grant him unbelievable wishes, but whose impulsive behavior can also cause him great problems. Jakeem will be played by Alkoya Brunson, while comedian Jim Gaffigan will provide the voice of Thunderbolt.

A Surprising Return

A major event that drives multiple stories throughout the first season is the JSA’s defeat at the start of the series, especially Starman AKA Sylvester Pemberton. Pat Dugan, who was his former sidekick Stripesy, feels guilty about his death, while Courtney erroneously believes he is her late father and her efforts to reunite with him put her and Pat at odds. Pemberton’s return could shake up their worlds since he could try to reclaim the staff or reawaken Pat’s inferiority issues.

Catching Up on Old Friends

Not every major development this season revolves around new characters. For instance, Courtney and Pat’s family know the truth about their double lives, which will shift their family dynamic. Additionally, while Rick finds a new sense of fulfillment after sparing Grundy’s life, Yolanda is taking a wrong turn after killing Brainwave to save Rick. Meanwhile, Beth feels lonely now that the artificial intelligence inside Dr. Mid-Nite’s goggles is gone, since she was able to strongly connect with him.

This information is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the upcoming second season. There are plenty of surprising developments and new characters that await Stargirl and the next generation of heroes.

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