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How to drop items in Roblox



How to drop items in Roblox

You’ll occasionally obtain some Roblox goods that you won’t desire after a while, so making sure your inventory is optimised by dropping items is the ideal approach.

Roblox and Minecraft have a lot in common, and both have been hailed as some of the most popular games in recent years, thanks to the abundance of content available.

Roblox offers a diverse range of activities and side missions, ranging from anime fighting simulators to simply roaming the globe with some pals. There will never be a shortage of things to do in the game, but you will amass goods in your inventory over time.

This is why learning how to drop items from your inventory will be crucial, and we’ll go over how to drop stuff in Roblox.

How to drop items in Roblox

If you want to get rid of any objects that are taking up a lot of room in your inventory while travelling across Roblox, you’ll need to follow a specific procedure.

  1. Get into your Roblox inventory
  2. Now select the item you wish to drop
  3. After selecting hold the item and hit Backspace on your keyboard

Following these methods will allow you to drop some items from your inventory, and you’ll have plenty of place for more Roblox items before you know it.

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Come Grab Your Victory Crown In Fortnite Right Now!



The Victory Crown is now available in Solo, Duo, Trio, and Squad matches in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1.
The crowns help you get the skins from the Chapter 3 Battle Pass. Before that, you must know what a Victory Crown is and how to get one in Fortnite.

What is this Victory Crown?

Getting the Victory Crown in a Fortnite combat gives you extra XP for the whole match, perfect for climbing the Battle Pass ranks. It unlocks a distinctive emote that shows your total Crowned Victory Royals this season. Fortunately, this takes up no inventory space and may be thrown away if you don’t want the pressure. However, you must first obtain the Victory Crown within Fortnite.

So how exactly to you win a Victory Crown?

There are three methods to win a Victory Crown, the first of which gives you a crown in the battle you’re playing once you’ve earned it.
You must obtain high rank for either the Solo, Dups, Trios, or Squads battle to obtain the Victory Crown using this technique.
The following are the ranks you must achieve:
Top four solo players
Top two teams compete in duos.
Trios – The best team
Squads – The best team

Whether you’re playing Dups, Trios, or Squads, your whole team will get a Victory Crown. Even if you didn’t win the previous game, you’ll get the Victory Crown the following time you play.

The second approach is to assassinate a player who already has one.  When they kill an opponent, their name will glow golden. This signals they have now earned a Victory Crown. If you employ these signals, you must be able to identify and kill any opponents with Victory Crowns.  When the player is defeated, the Victory Crown will appear amid the treasure, with a golden shine to help you find it.

Finally, when you don’t want a Victory Crown, you may toss it away, which implies you can stumble over a discarded Victory Crown. You can even discover that yet another opponent has just elected to not pick up after killing the Victory Crown opponent.
However, this is not a dependable way for obtaining a Victory Crown, and we strongly advise against depending on it.

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Unlock Enkanomiya Map In Genshin Impact Now!



In this version of Genshin Impact’s it is a site filled with both hazard and mystery . We’ll show you exactly how to access the complete layout of Enkanomiya in this version. Thus, making it easy for you to explore the new land and learn its secrets as swiftly as possible.

How to gain access to this map?

Firstly you must first complete the global quest “Examine the Mechanisms and Open the Great Door Puzzle” to access the whole Enkanomiya region. To obtain the map of Enkanomiya, talk to NPC Enjou and visit the library. You’d guess that might be it, but you’ll need to accomplish the “From Dusk to Dawn in Byakuyakoku” global quest series to unlock three further islands and complete the map. The mission is started by talking to Eboshi at The Serpent’s Heart.

To summarize, here’s how you can access the entire Enkanomiya map in Genshin Impact version 2.4

Come into the library.
Enjou is the person to talk to.
Examine the map in front of him.
“From Dusk to Dawn in Byakuyakoku” must be completed.
Speak with Eboshi to begin his global quest.

The version 2.4 “Fleeting Colors in Flight” of Genshin Impact will run till February 15, 2022.

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5 Secrets Tips To Improve Your Fortnite Gameplay!



Some of the best Fortnite tactics include picking the right settings, hiding, and winning.  Using these tricks will help you survive in the battle royale. Learning the basics will help you now and in the future. It will help you to adapt to the gradual changes made by the developers. These secret tips may help you build a strong foundation in the game that you can build on as your fighting experience grows.  This battle royale has been operating for over three years, so it may be scary for newer players to take on the veterans. Learn how to play and utilize our Fortnite gaming tips to give yourself the best chance of survival. Most importantly don’t forget to have fun! 

Make adjustments to your settings

There are a number of variables you may adjust before you begin matching to make things simpler for yourself. Set Sprint Cancels Reloading to On under ‘Game’ so you can take evasive action faster, Auto Sort Consumables To Right to aid with inventory management, and Turbo Building to On so you can swiftly build buildings without pressing buttons repeatedly. Set Controller Auto-Run to On under ‘Controller Options’ so you may double-click the left stick to keep going ahead while doing other things like examining the map. Finally, change your Build Controls to the Builder Pro setting under ‘Wireless Controller,’ since this will allow you to choose different building elements and create them on the fly.

Start Right

On the map, there are a lot of ‘named locations’ and while these spots provide the greatest treasure, they’re also where the bulk of people will go first. If you don’t want to get into a fight right away, choose a landing site that’s a good distance from the combat bus route and not too densely populated. When gliding, keep an eye out for other players headed for the same region, and be ready to modify your destination if you see them. Keep in mind that your glider will automatically open after you reach a specific height above ground, so aim for the lowest point to prevent soaring too soon.

Choose the best equipment

Weapons are the most critical goods you’ll obtain, since you won’t be likely to cope much damage and beat the rivals standing in your way of a Victory Royale if you don’t have them. Rarer weapons do more harm, so if you come across the identical weapon in a rare color, it’s always worth swapping. When putting up your weapons for a match, make sure you have at least a distant weapon, such as an assault rifle or bow, a close-quarters weapon, such as an SMG or shotgun, and preferably something explosive, so you can take on any foes you come across.

Keep a low profile

You must never rush straight across open regions unless it’s absolutely necessary, as this is the quickest method for an opponent to detect you and either start fire on you or follow you and create a trap while you’re unaware. Instead, keep as much shelter as possible by following along the outside buildings or moving through trees. Squatting behind small bushes may disguise your appearance from all but the most eagle-eyed of opponents searching in your direction, and hiding in huge bushes allows you to stay hidden while still being able to glance about for dangers.

Don’t always go for the kill

If you spot an adversary, you don’t have to rush to partake in fight with them right away. Firing pot shots from afar will just draw their attention to your location, so unless you’re a fantastic ranged weapon shooter, you should aim to get near to them before striking, preferably from behind and then catch them off guard. If you spot other players battling, let them tire each other down so you may move in and strike the other before they have a chance to recover and renew their shields.

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