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Gauntlet Showdown – Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Wiki Guide



Gauntlet Showdown – Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Wiki Guide
Gauntlet Showdown is a limited time game mode in Fall Guys, debuting in Season 2.This mode allows players to select a specific version of a showdown where only certain levels are selected from the pool, as opposed to the Main Showdown where any level can appear. The Gauntlet Showdown is different in that it only picks from “race” themed levels, and does not include any team-based levels, Perfect Match, or survival levels like Tail Tag.

The full list of known levels that Gauntlet Showdown pulls from includes:

From the main menu, press the indicated button for the Show Selector, and then choose the Gauntlet Showdown option. Upon returning to the main menu, be sure that the button for Play! lists Gauntlet Showdown instead of Main Show, and start queuing up for the showdown!

Below you’ll find a list of tips, tricks, and strategies to help you succeed in qualifying for the various levels that appear in the Gauntlet Showdown Mode.

Remember, this mode is all about getting to the finish line in one piece, so you’ll need to balance speed and cautiousness to qualify!

  • In almost every type of round, clusters of players are always bad news. In certain situations, taking the road less traveled can help your chances even if it takes a bit longer to traverse. Otherwise, it may only take one stray obstacle or a grabby player to cause a massive pile up, and this can significantly slow you down as you spend precious seconds rolling around on the floor.
  • Never underestimate another player’s ability to ruin your day. Not everyone is committed to being a jerk, but you should suspect anyone near you of being capable of grabbing you at the worst possible time – so don’t give them that chance. Grabbing doesn’t last forever, but the other player will usually anticipate you trying to pull away from them and right into a hazard, but you can try moving against them or to the side instead.
  • Never give up! This may seem obvious, but there are many times when it looks like there’s no chance to qualify – but pushing onward anyway may just reward you if the people in front of you should slip up at the last moment, or get held back by griefers at the goal line.
  • Always follow the arrow directions indicated on the spinning platforms. Even if this means taking a slightly longer route, you’ll move faster than trying to run against the direction indicated.
  • Avoid the yellow bumpers early on at all costs, as they’ll push you back onto the spinning platforms. If you need to, try jumping from each platform to the next so you don’t accidentally collide with a bumper when trying to enter the next spinning platform.
  • When you reach the long gauntlet of rolling balls, always be looking ahead to spot which avenues are clear and which have incoming hazards. Sometimes its worth taking shelter between the avenues for the moment until the rolling ball is passed, rather than ducking into another avenue only to be met with another ball you can’t get passed.
  • Falling down from the second group of spinning platform isn’t game over – especially when so many can qualify on a first round, but it’s still better to avoid this trap. If you’re in the middle of the pack, consider pausing or taking the path less traveled to avoid bumping into others and falling.
  • When you run up to the slope leading to last part of the course, be careful timing your jump to the large moving sections, as sometimes your character will make a small hop clearing the top of the slope, which can mess up your actual jump across the gap.
  • Depending on your positioning at the start of the round, you can either try and be a trailblazer and try to discover the real doors, or play it safe and hang just a few steps behind the front runners to see if you need to pivot. Early on there should be enough safe doors to easily find a real door, but later on, taking too long may put you at the back of the main pack and make it harder to get in a qualified range.
  • When approaching a congested door full of bodies, you may have better luck taking a diving leap over the heads of other players. Even if someone jumps and hits you, it may just send you rocketing over the door entirely.
  • Each real door will break apart and send debris spilling out into the next section. Depending on your moves, this may end up hindering you and making you trip if you get caught up in it – but you can also jump and bounce off the door pieces to get an extra boost.
  • Only one of the final doors is real. If you’re the first one, it may be better to try for the center one, as you’ll only need to pivot to either side to get to the real door that someone else is likely to find. If you hit a side door and find a fake, you may have to move all the way to the other side to get to the real door, which can take too much time.
  • Always jump and dive through the final door, as you’ll want to put as much space between you and the other players all falling down to the final stretch. Nothing is worse then getting dog-piled on the second you land by more players from above.
The only Gauntlet Showdown finale, Fall Mountain is a simple race to the finish to see who can avoid the torrent of hazards to grab the floating crown at the top.

  • This stage is short as it is painful, and unfortunately this means its very hard to make a comeback unless all the other players equally suffer. The winner will likely have to perform a flawless run up the mountain.
  • Not every player will make it to the top, and when they do they may not remember you need to grab and hold onto the crown to win! For this reason, don’t give up until the very end, as the person in the lead may fumble and fall onto the conveyor belt below.
  • When going up the first part of the slope, alternate between the inside and outer routes when possible to duck around both the incoming balls and the turnstiles avoid getting hit. Though the turnstiles can sometimes give you a boost from behind, they may also cause you to trip and fall, costing precious seconds.
  • When you reach the spinning mallets, aim to the left of the ones spinning clockwise, or the right of ones spinning counter-clockwise. It’s better not to get hit at all, but if you have to, you might as well get a nudge in the right direction rather than getting pushed back.
  • New updates can change the hazards that can appear as you go up the slope, including fast moving obstacles moving from left to right, and even more spinning mallets as you get close to the goal. Anticipate the moving blockades to know where to steer, and always try to move around the mallets to run along the direction they are swinging instead of against it, as you’re more likely to get knocked forward instead of backward.
  • Your competitors are double edged swords here. On the one hand, getting too close to other players runs the risk that they’ll collide into you if hit by an object and send you tumbling down with them. However, running behind and a bit to the side can sometimes mean using other players as a shield to take the hit while you dodge around them – avoiding the fruit entirely.
  • The center of the conveyor belt is extremely hazardous, as its where the bulk of the fruit tumble down – as well as a fast moving log that can come rocketing down. If not overly crowded, the sides can prove a somewhat easier path up, and limited cover from some of the barriers.
  • Once you get close enough to the top, you can leap the last few feet and dive to spend less time running out of the conveyor belt, and more time running to the goal.
  • At the start of the race, the two gates on the side will raise and lower before the middle one does, so be sure to take your starting position into account for which gate to head to first.
  • Once you have an idea of your speed and how long it takes to reach the next gate, you can start to look for which gates that have already raised up, and will be lowering by the time you get to them. If you can run at the point between two gates to quickly pivot to the one that has the better chance of crossing.
  • If it looks like you’re going to reach a gate right as it begins to raise, jump and dive, and you’re likely to hit the top and be catapulted over to safety, and it may even give you a boost as you rag-doll forwards.
  • The row of gates second to last before the slime slope usually have two center gates moving up and down, and two outer gates that only move down after the center ones have gone down twice – so plan accordingly from a distance.
  • Once you reach the slime slope, try and target the gate that’s fully extended up or close to it, as it’s likely to be closing or almost closed by the time you get to the bottom and jump. If none of them are at the top, you can either wait a few moments at the top, or if you’re already sliding, try and move sideways to buy some time – it’s better to slow down than hit a gate and have to start again.
  • Don’t falter at the start of the race. If you happen to be placed in the front row, you’ll have an easier time crossing the logs, but you should aim for them regardless. It’s better to try and pick a less crowded route but you won’t always have that luxury, and even falling down should quickly put you on the path to racing up the slope – don’t slow down here!
  • The section with the turnstiles is probably the only area where going with the crowd actually helps – as its much easier to go with the flow than trying to push against it. For this reason you’ll usually want to stick pushing the inner turnstiles on either side – and avoid trying to push on the last center turnstile where everyone will funnel into.
  • Not everyone will realize that the large gate at the end of the turnstiles has two spots on the far left and right that open up when the center becomes closed. If you are already near one of these sides, it’s often better to go for than trying to push your way through the massive pile-up at the center.
  • Once you reach the slime slope at the end, avoid the obstacles at all costs – even if it means going sideways or slowing for a bit, as they’ll bounce you back in the opposite direction. However, it is possible to get a boost from behind if you get another player coming up behind you while moving sideways. This can actually boost you across the slime at a fast rate and get you to the top that much quicker – it all depends on which direction you get hit from.
  • Patience is almost as important as speed in this level, as trying to force your way through an area without properly watching obstacle movement will only send you back again and again.
  • The saw blades at the start are most hazardous if you are running on the same side of the platform as the blade is swinging towards. Try to aim for the side the blade is moving away from, as you’ll at least be knocked in a favorable direction if hit – instead of over the edge.
  • Making it through the spike log platforms requires a bit of planning. When running across, angle your camera down and to the side to see which spikes are coming your way. Knowing what is coming give you the advantage of changing your direction, or doing a quick spin in place to stop until a spike has passed to continue moving forward without losing momentum.
  • The giant swinging logs are easily the hardest part to cross in Knight Fever. Diving before the log passes you will only rarely stop you from getting shoved around by the spikes, so it’s better to be patient here than trying to brute force a run across.
  • Assume you’re going to get knocked to the side as you run, and position yourself away from holes accordingly. Even if it slows you down, its better than never getting across at all.
  • Running along the outer edge can work if you wait until the log has just started swinging the other way, but if you wait too long you won’t make it before the log swings back your way.
  • Approach the final drawbridges like you would the final gates in Gate Crash – look for the ones that have started moving down to cross them, as drawbridges that are close to being flat are likely to go up before you can cross them.
  • Depending on a lot of factors, this round can either be incredibly easy or incredibly frustrating, as the platform stability is always determined by the crowd. At the start you can try to keep to the center of the see saws, but eventually you’ll have to pick a side – and try to pick a road less traveled.
  • A lot of times you’ll come to a see saw that’s already wildly skewed to one side, and it’s important to realize when trying to climb on will just waste your time. Rather than being sent back to a checkpoint, it may be better to wait for some players to fall off or get to the other side before making an attempt yourself.
  • A lot of see saws are placed right before check points (look for the blue flags). Since you’ll often be slowly climbing up to the checkpoint platform on a skewed see saw, be sure and look for opportunities to jump and dive over the railing to the next platform, saving you precious seconds otherwise spent slowly walking up the slope.
  • Other players can and will take advantage if you trying to act as a counterbalance. Sometimes if there’s not a lot of people behind you, it’s totally fine to wait out a tilted see saw to start flattening to move to the next platform, but other times you may find yourself stuck as other players race across and tilt things back before you can move. It’s important to recognize that a certain point you’re going to have to make a move, or risk getting left behind forever.
  • At the final group of see saws, be sure to survey your landing spot on the platforming leading to the goals, as some players have been known to try grabbing and pushing off players leaping off the last see saws!
  • Though it’s listed as a race, the qualifying numbers are incredibly forgiving, and will change as people are eliminated. For that reason, don’t feel pressured to outpace your competitors – you only need to outpace the slime below.
  • You can actually bounce off the first two bumpers below the first row of moving blocks – and it can help you get a head start and put you ahead of the crowd jostling for space between the blocks. Just make sure you don’t bounce into the side of the bumper and get knocked back.
  • The second row of moving blocks have pits in between them, but you can actually jump up from the first pit and save time rather than rounding the long corner.
  • Note that the second moving block moves at an irregular pace – you’ll want to be sure you can move across both without getting pushed, as getting pushed down from the second block can be fatal.
  • As you get to the slime-covered areas near the top, avoid the edges at all cost. Given how slippery the areas are, it won’t take much to bounce you to the edge and over without warning. It’s better to move slow and pass each obstacle one at a time, rather than making a mad dash for the finish.
  • Completing this round is a true balancing act: moving to hastily may send you down a hole right before the path to the end is found, but hanging back too far when the route is found won’t give you enough time to catch up with such a small percentage of qualifiers.
  • Don’t be fooled by different shaded tiles or those that are slightly raised or lowered – the only indication you’ll ever get of a false tile is the slight rumble you might spot from time to time.
  • Correct tiles will only turn a brighter shade for a limited time – do your best to memorize the locations should most of the other players move past them.
  • Since it is highly unlikely that someone will find the correct path at the start – don’t be afraid to blaze ahead to try and find an early path.
  • As you get closer to the end, people are likely to huddle up and start pushing and shoving to get someone to “test” the next spaces – make sure you’re not one of them, unless you’re willing to risk a fall.
  • You can jump the gap of one tile – which you can use to create shortcuts if they are found. If you find yourself close to the end, you may even be able to get a running start and jump the last tile to the goal platform – just getting to the goal is enough, you don’t need to actually set foot on it.
  • The biggest threat at the start is timing your jumps to the spinning obstacles – and the second biggest threat is all the players who don’t react fast enough. It’s frustratingly easy to clear one of the early jumps – only for a wave of other players to wash over you and send you sprawling to the side.
  • Make sure to use the yellow conveyor belt to get a speed boost for a running jump to the two yellow blocks you can use to jump up to the first whirlygig. If you miss or the yellow blocks are overflowing with people, remember you can hold the grab button to cling onto the upper platform and pull yourself up. It takes a few moments, but its better than repeatedly failing to jump across.
  • Try and aim for the left sides of the whirlygig gates – there’s a better chance of getting knocked slightly forward into the right post than getting completely knocked aside. You can also try to angle yourself to get knocked up and over the netting as a sort of shortcut.
  • In the final push, the center path may seem a bit too risky with the fast whirlygig, but at best you’ll get a straight shot to the finish, and at worst you’ll either get tripped up and hit the checkpoint, or get knocked to one of the right-most platforms and either get up, or fall down but still respawn at the checkpoint.
  • Keep your field of view panning for any spinning hazards coming up from behind – especially at the last spinning platform. The fan moves so slow that you’ll want to take your time lining up a jump and dive, and that means being patient enough to wait for the next spinning hazard to jump over before making your move.
  • Like Tip Toe or Door Dash, this level is about striking a balance between forging ahead to create a way forward, and letting others do some of the work for you.
  • Platforms don’t necessarily need to be touching each other or the wall for you to use them to get where you need to go – as long as you can accurately judge the distance needed to jump to the next section.
  • Each platform and wall only has enough room for a few people to grab onto the ledges and pull themselves up. If someone is already climbing up, don’t try to grab the same spot, or you’ll just fall down. Shove others aside to make sure you have the next opportunity to jump for a ledge.
  • Watch to see how other players are solving the platform problem. Like Tip Toe, you may see one player find a way to jump between platforms and make it across while everyone else is busy pushing another platform somewhere else.

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