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Freeze Corleone – Sealed Part. 2 Lyrics



“Sealed Part. 2 Lyrics”

[Intro: Freeze Corleone]
Ekip, ekip, ekip
MMS, LDO, NRM, 667, LZ (baw)
667, 69, Corleone, Ashe
20-20: Phantom Menace, bitch (sku)
Han, ekip, ekip , ekip

[Verse 1: Freeze Corleone]
I believe that in God, I do not summon a demon (never), when I cane, inch’Allah, I té-mon (han)
On the production, Freeze Corleone, New York City thoroughly like Max the demon (ekip)
I’m here for the cash, take the money , I hide, the fault or the tarpaulin
Negro, speak in micron for the hash ‘, Faygo for the flash, I see the 12, I dash, bitch (sku, sku)

RAF to be in the trio of head (han), designed(eh)
FN SCAR, Walther, every day, fuck BioTech
Chen Zen aka Thanos (han), s / o le ch’nord, s / o Kamoss (ekip) I
consume more gasoline than the big kids , in on the surface like Sergio Ramos (sku)
Gelato and cookies (ftt, ftt), I smell loud in the
Dry brown shops like the Wookiees , no work site but there are the tools (sku, sku) I
roll a big hash cigarette (bitch)
Your flow is not even worth six sticks of hash (bitch, bitch)

[Bridge: Freeze Corleone]
Performs in all areas (han, han)
Corleone, Ashe, bitch, you know us (ekip, ekip , ekip, ekip)
Perform in all areas (baw, baw)
Corleone, Ashe, bitch, you know us, ekip (sku)

[Verse 2: Ashe 22]
Drill, all the rappers want to get started (brr), my kichta is thirty centimeters
On the train, his mother the bitch, I’m in attack, go ahead, send the ‘six meters (brr, brr)
LZ, the specimens, we’ll see where life takes us , bitch
In the neighborhood, I go for a walk, bitch, I
‘m going to smoke them, I promise you, bitch I’m coming to the beat, I hang out and before, I would have sold some L to the Beatles (brr)
I’m in the kitchen, I’m
doing it like the friends in the pitch We’re not going to break a head, I go slap your mother and tear off your sweatshirt (bitch)

I only smoke dry and expensive weed, I’m in the eighth
When we go to gova (brr,brr), all the bitchs like (brr brr brr)
2 + 3 = 5, it’s simple, bitch, I’m not going to draw you, bitch
You want to per-pom, go down (brr)
I’m in the slums of Lyon, she wants some, I do it meowing (brr)
I don’t drink latte (grr), my khos to support me, bitch
The prod, I raped her, yeah (wow), yeah, I’m in the eu-r but I’m still making purple tickets (wow)
Bitch, don’t be surprised (bitch) if we reach the top quickly (wow)
I have the bracelet at this time and I’m just ringing it, I spent my life zoning (brr, brr, brr)

[Outro: Ashe 22]
Ashe, Corleone, bitch, bitch

Credits & Info

Written By Freeze Corleone & Ashe 22
Release Date August 21, 2020MUSIC VIDEO

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