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Freeze Corleone – Rap catechism Lyrics



“Freeze Corleone – Rap catechism Lyrics”

[Lyrics of “Rap catechism” ft. Alpha Wann]

[Intro: Freeze Corleone]
Han (han)
Ekip, ekip, ekip

[Single verse : Freeze Corleone & Alpha Wann ]
Phaal, tell them (han), Corleone, serial rhyme, dirty dealer (paw)
Hermès, Burberry , I don’t wear a Tealer , fuck linen, REP Mac Miller
Phaal, Frieza, always anti-devil, pactiser (eh)
Gucci, Prada boy, I want Val Kilmer’s bill, if they believe that they are worth me, they die
Chen Zen aka Philipp (Philipp) , designed, for me, it’s Philip
S / o the plug, H24 plugged in like a TV ‘Philips
Le shiznit aka Philly (han),designed, for me, it’s Phillies
Compressed fire to swallow the pill, of course I’m killu , Philly Gun, Lucky Luke

Fired those bitches, nigga, from the map, I smoke Runtz and Obamas
They drink blood like Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama
FLRG, F the NAME, it goes crazy, the atmosphere is dark
We excel, you know that we are above, my socks cost more dear that your shoes
6.6.7, Don Dada, impose the NRM like Dada (han)
I arrive rital, racist like Prada, they don’t know where I come from, I’m like tada (tada)

7-5- 0-1-4 , this is the base, we send the biggest missiles in France
On my left, there is Miss Guadeloupe, on my right, Miss Île-de-France (ouh)
Alpha Wann, Freeze Corleone, on the production, rap catechism (catechism)
Elite soldier like Takeshi (Takesh i) , the LDO in the castle like Takeshi
Spits this fire, whatever the weather, them and us, it’s not the same
Bitch, war, it’s not paintball, the library, it’s not baseball, Dakar , Conakry-zi, Mafia mode like the Three Six, we respected you
in the past I’m in teaching, you’re in teaching , hard in cutting and in bleeding

We have combos and combinations, Philly Flingo, Ra’s al Ghul
Ears,heavy bleeding
S / o the Flem, nigga, n / a the KGB, I’m not talking about information
The police have more than one trick up their sleeve, the striker has more than one bag in their tower It’s
all about meaning, everything is a question of change , there will be no revolution

My parents made me, money will remake me, it’s the law of evolution what can you do against this ? 2020, Kunta Kinte against Sam (han)
I make katas, I don’t beat against the bag , every day, I completely secure the
Gorilla bag , Gelato, I crumble , death penalty for Jeffrey’s network
Step back, crossover, cons’ more gas than crossover
S / o the petition, rap FR,

[Outro: Freeze Corleone & Alpha Wann ]
Phaal, tell them
Hermès, Burberry, I don’t wear Tealer , fuck linen, REP Mac Miller
Phaal, Freezer (Phaal, Freezer)
Gucci, Prada boy, I want it ‘biff de Val Kilmer
If they believe they are worth me, they die
Chen Zen aka Philippe (Philippe)
S / o the plug, H24 plugged in like a Philips TV
The shiznit aka Philly
Compressed fire so that they gobble the pill
Of course I’m killu, Philly Gun, Lucky Luke

Credits & Info

Written By Freeze Corleone & Alpha wann
Release Date September 11, 2020MUSIC VIDEO

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