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Five Things To Consider Before Playing Online Casinos In Canada



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Canada is a piece of heaven for all gambling enthusiasts. The online casino market is on the rise, and it is open to anyone eager to enter this exciting world. So, if you are interested in jumping into this unique adventure, these are five things to consider before playing online casinos in Canada. 

Laws and Regulations

Online gambling in Canada is legal, and every province has its laws and regulations. So, anyone interested in joining an online casino in Canada should first familiarize themselves with gambling laws in force in a particular province.

Moreover, every province has its local gambling sites, most of which are geo-fenced, meaning they are only available to players within a particular province’s border. Thus, regardless of the region, players in Canada can enjoy casino games, engage in sports betting, or play the instant lottery. 

The Canadian gambling scene offers foreign online casinos, too. Yes, online casinos that operate in Canada must be based and licensed in the country. However, foreign sites have found a way to run their businesses here. Their servers are on Kahnawake reserve territory, which is a self-governing territory within the Canadian border.

So, depending on your preferences, you can opt for either province-led or foreign online casinos. The best thing is, whichever choice you make, you’ll not break any laws. 

Compare First, Choose Later

When an online casino market is rich, it can be hard for a player to choose one site. Of course, you can join several online casinos, but before making a final selection, do a little research and compare multiple providers. 

You should pay attention to their licenses, banking options, game selection, customer service, and security features. Permits and security should be at the top of your list because if you plan to join a casino, you must determine whether it is reliable.

Comparing games, bonuses, promotions, and payment methods is fun, but be careful about those, too. You want to find a casino that meets your gambling goals. 

However, the entire process can be time-consuming, so many players tend to skip this step. If you are among those, don’t worry, websites like offer a solution. “Figuring out which casino sites in Canada are the best choice for you as a player can be tricky. That’s why has made the entire process a breeze by building the Casino Comparison tool,” said editor Geraldine Nguyen. This way, you won’t spend your time any further.

Take a Test Drive

We didn’t switch to vehicles; we are still on the subject of online casinos in Canada. But the same as when you plan to buy a car, and you would like to take a test drive, testing an online casino is of the utmost importance. 

As we have suggested earlier, make a list of online casinos and register free accounts. Then, go through each site, analyze its offer and ease of use. You want an online casino that loads fast, and it’s user-friendly. 

Some casinos even offer no deposit bonuses. So once you register a free account, see if a casino has such a feature. If it has, don’t hesitate to play a couple of games. It is an ideal opportunity to test them for free. 

Explore Banking Options

Learning about banking options is a crucial step to decide which online casino is the best for you. Whether you use a particular online payment system or have a limited budget, you want to find a casino in line with your capabilities. 

Also, every player expects to play their favorite game the moment they make a deposit. Therefore, speed is a crucial factor to explore while checking out a casino’s banking options. In addition, you want to know how long it takes to withdraw your wins. 

Sweet Sweet Bonuses

In most reputable online casinos in Canada, you’ll get a bonus right after you register or make your first deposit. Of course, it all depends on the site, but the bonus usually matches your deposit 100% or even double.

Some casinos give their players bonuses to play their favorite games for free. Before accepting such a bonus, learn as much as possible about the conditions related to it. 

Regardless of the bonus type, conditions define games you can play, validity period, withdrawal limits, and wagering requirements.  

Customer Support

An online casino that cares about its customers has a developed customer support system. However, even if you didn’t have any problems in the past, it doesn’t mean you won’t come across a challenge eventually. 

So, the casino you choose must have well-organized customer support. It is a department you’ll mostly need when you have to deal with deposit or withdrawal issues. At a reliable provider, you can probably reach them via live chat and email.

Now, with all these facts under your sleeves, you are ready to choose your fighter and start enjoying your favorite games. 

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5 Things You Have to Know About Woo Casino Bonus Terms



woo casino

5 Things You Have to Know About Woo Casino Bonus Terms

Woo Casino is a top-rated, licensed, and registered online casino that operates internationally. With high quality features, games, and exceptional mobile compatibility, Woo Casino is a great choice for superior online gambling entertainment.

Graphical user interface, websiteDescription automatically generated

#1. Wagering Requirements

Before getting into any of the bonuses every player should understand the rules and regulations and be familiar with the term wagering requirements. 

Wagering requirements are the criteria that need to be met before any winnings will be paid out. Woo Casino typically uses a 40x wagering requirement. 

So what does that mean to you, the player?

What it means is that if a player gets a $100 bonus, they’ll need to bet that initial $100 forty times over before they are able to claim any of the winnings. That’s $4000 in bets that need to be made on that initial $100 before any remainder will be paid to players. 

#2. Types of Bonuses

Woo Casino offers numerous bonuses and each one has slightly different rules. The main bonuses you’ll encounter when playing with Woo Casino are the following: 

  • Deposit Bonuses
  • Free Spins Bonuses
  • Woo Missions

You can try them all today at Woo Casino. If you’re unfamiliar with these common online casino bonuses, however, read on for a quick rundown to familiarize yourself before you play. 

Deposit Bonuses

These types of bonuses vary but usually mean that players can expect to receive something in exchange for depositing an initial wager. At Woo Casino, new players can claim a First Deposit Bonus, which is 100% up to €100 and 150 free spins on slots, with a minimum deposit of €20.

Free Spins

Free spins are pretty self-explanatory but generally consist of getting free spins on specific slot games when signing up as a new player or making an initial deposit. 

Woo Missions

Woo Casino treats every player like a VIP. Here, you’ll earn loyalty points for every single deposit you make, allowing you to unlock new levels that generate all kinds of lucrative bonuses.

#3. Min & Max

It’s always good to know your limit. This is fantastic advice in all things, including casinos. All casinos have a cap on the value of winnings for bonuses, and Woo Casino is no exception. 

It’s a good idea to check their terms and conditions, but be aware that each country/currency has a different cap on winnings adding up to approximately $50 USD, depending on the currency. Depending on the exchange rate and currency you’re playing with, it may be worthwhile to use a currency other than USD. 

Deposit bonuses have a similar winning cap, but they’re much higher, reaching approximately $10,000+, depending on the currency. 

Keep an eye on minimum betting requirements as well, especially with free spins. Betting a minimum amount every time may be the safer bet, but it may not count towards the bonus at all. Typically bonuses require the maximum bet every time. 

#4. How to Use Woo Casino Bonuses

Because Woo Casino is giving you credits to play with, they work a little differently when wagering with cash or actual money deposited into your account. 

When playing with an activated bonus, the system uses deposited money first before defaulting to the bonus, so your actual cash will be used before any bonus credits are used.

There can also seem like an unlimited number of bonuses and deals popping up all the time, and that’s great. However, players can only use one bonus at a time. They don’t stack and players can only claim one at a time. 

Lastly, although cryptocurrency has been increasingly accepted online and abroad, Woo Casino accepts crypto as a legitimate payment form, but all crypto transactions are ineligible for all bonuses at this time. 

#5. Play Fair & Safe

We’ve all heard the phrase, “It sounds too good to be true.” 

There are a lot of scammy sites trying to game the system offering bonuses that don’t stand up to scrutiny. As good as their offers may seem, unless they’re approved by Woo Casino, these bonuses are not going to win you any money, and may actually end up costing you. 

Built into the terms and conditions is the catch-all clause that if players are found cheating or abusing the bonus system, the player forfeits all their winnings. 

Woo Casino offers a ton of bonuses so trying to abuse the system by opening multiple accounts or trying to receive the same bonus multiple times will only end up in a ban and loss of winnings. 

General Bonus Terms

Woo Casino operates globally and offers a whole host of generous bonus offers. All of these bonuses are available to players from every country in which they operate with the exception of Sweden. In addition, players from Finland do not qualify for any of Woo Casino’s deposit-based bonuses. 

Other than those exceptions, players from the rest of the world can enjoy all of the bonuses Woo Casino has to offer. Now that you have the low-down on Woo Casino bonus terms, you can go out there and reap the benefits.

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How to throw a casino themed party at home



casino themed party

Don’t let your next casino party be average. A good theme can take it from plain to being an amazing experience. Having a well-planned Vegas-like party will be a fantastic event your guests will never forget. With these ideas and tips you’ll throw the ultimate casino themed party at home!

Subtheme and dress code

Of course, you can simply choose ‘casino’ to be the theme, but have you thought about a subtheme? For instance,  a Great Gatsby-theme would be an add-on to the fun, with everyone dressing up like the Roaring 1920s style. Ladies could wear Flapper dresses, headbands and a feather boa. Men can take out their best suits and wear straw boater hats. Back in the 1920s, gambling was prohibited, so this juicy detail adds extra suspense to the party!

Take a look at the video below and you’ll quickly see why a Great Gatsby Party would be an amazing experience. Needless to say, you likely won’t be able to spend as much money as Jay Gatsby does in his parties, but you could opt for a party in the same style with glamorous elements. 

Surely looks fun, doesn’t it?

You can also go for a James Bond-style party. Think about sleek suits for men and long, elegant dresses for women. Or what about Peaky Blinders as your party concept? Have your male guests wear suits and attire just like the Shelby gang, complete with baker boy caps and tie pins. Ladies could wear long beaded dresses and gloves, wave their hair and wear (faux) fur stoles. 

Regardless of whether you’ve chosen a subtheme or not, the dress code at your casino party should be elegant and glamorous. No sport shoes, flip-flops or jeans allowed. 


There wouldn’t be a casino-themed party without casino games! Did you know that you can rent roulette tables, poker gear and even slot machines in some places? Have a search around your local area to see if anyone offers this.

You can also buy a reversible Blackjack and roulette layout tablecloth, some card decks and a complete poker set for an affordable price in several stores. You can hire croupiers to do the dealing work or ask some of your friends to do this on a rotating basis. 

Play chips

So your guests can play more efficiently, make sure you’ve arranged play chips. These can be used for every game and are much easier than using actual real money. Even if all guests are playing just for fun, placing bets with chips is better to keep everything neat and tidy. 

Starting guides and practice

For every single table game, print out a few practical guide sheets. Not everyone is an experienced casino player. Having useful guide sheets at the tables makes sure that new players won’t feel confused or even hesitant to play at all. They’ll be able to quickly learn the basics before placing their first bets.

But to make sure everyone’s fully ready, it’s possible to sign up at online casinos before the day of the party. Everyone can practice playing all the different games on offer at your party so they know what to do on the day. The big advantage of online casinos is that they usually offer casino bonuses to new players who sign up. These give out more bonus money to play with which can be used as extra bankroll to try out the different games. There’s a range of offers available, so players are recommended to choose the best casino bonus for themselves.


Make sure the music at your party is smooth and upbeat. If you’ve chosen a 007-theme, some exciting spy music would bring a nice touch too. Here is a playlist which is perfect to play in the background for your casino-themed party:


Of course, you can stick to simple beers at your casino party. But why not add an extra touch by offering some of these popular drinks or stylish cocktails? 


Champagne always works, period. It radiates class and sophistication and is a great fit for a casino-themed party. 

To lower the costs, you can also opt for sparkling wine and add Smirnoff Gold to it. It has ultra-thin shavings of a gold bar which is safe to consume. This would definitely bring a luxurious touch to your drinks. 

Gin & Tonic

Almost everyone loves a good gin and tonic. The drink can be customized in hundreds of ways with different botanicals. 

Whiskey on the rocks

This has got to be one of the most popular drinks for casinos. ‘On the rocks’ means served on ice. This is a stone cold classic which requires no fuss. 


‘’Shaken, not stirred’’. It must be one of the most famous movie lines ever. It describes how James Bond prefers his vodka-martini drink, with a thin slice of lemon peel. This iconic drink is a fantastic choice for your casino-themed party. 


Did you know that there is a Casino cocktail? It consists of gin, maraschino, orange bitters and lemon juice, often garnished with a cherry. 

Make sure you’ve got the matching stemware for every drink you’ll offer. A whiskey would surely look odd if served in a fancy champagne flute!  Don’t forget to offer some sodas or mocktails to your non-drinking friends or those who need to drive home afterwards.


There is no typical ‘’casino food’’, really. So you have carte blanche on this one. In general, a buffet is always a winner at parties. Guests can take whatever they want at any time they want. 


If you want to cut the costs a little, go for a simple buffet in which you serve foods like chicken fingers, fish sticks and French fries. Serve a few dip sauces and a couple of side dishes and you’ve got yourself a complete buffet. You could also go for easy wraps with different fillings and sauces. 

Shrimp Cocktail

A shrimp cocktail is quite common at casinos. The reason being that people can continue playing while eating it. A shrimp cocktail is always tasty and is very easy to prepare. 


As a dessert, you could keep everything in a black and red color scheme, representing the colors of the cards in a deck. Make skewers from black and red fruits such as strawberries, watermelon pieces and blackberries.

Make cookies in the shape of dice, cards or slot symbols. Add some food coloring in red, black and white so they have the typical casino colors. 

Party Props and decorations

Delight your guests with some props and decoration – all in casino-style.  

Room decorations

Buy red and black balloons and place them near the playing tables, the food and drinks table and the entrance. 

Buy a cheap deck of cards, punch holes in them and hang them on a string, with some space between them. You can either hang them horizontally, alongside the wall or vertically, randomly across the room. 

Another cool idea is to get a casino door curtain to make people like they’re actually entering a casino! Laying out a red carpet runner will give your casino party the ultimate glamorous feel. You can buy a disposable red paper ‘’carpet’’ that’s easy on the wallet. 

Card glass tags

An annoying occurrence at parties is not being able to track your drink. Why not prevent this from happening by marking everyone’s drink by using a card as a glass coaster? Buy a cheap deck of cards and you’ve made a great glass tag while staying in the casino theme!

Table decoration

Add interest to your food table by decorating them nicely – casino related, of course! A casino-related centerpiece will surely delight your guests. You can easily make a great casino centerpiece yourself and customize it to how you want it. Here is a great idea for a DIY:

Get napkins in the typical casino colors red, black and white. You can also buy paper or plastic plates and cutlery in the same colors to bring an extra casino-feel to the table.

Drinks decoration

Purchase some cheap dice and place them in the drinks you’ll offer. A very fancy touch!

Once you’ve checked all these boxes, you can be sure that an unforgettable night is in the cards for you! Let the good times roll!

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Why the rise in social and sweepstake casinos?



Top 5 No Wagering Casinos We All Missed in 2021

Not many people are aware of the exact offering available at social and sweepstake casinos but there is no denying the benefits they provide. Essentially, social and sweepstake casinos are the same barring one big difference, namely that sweepstake casinos are generally closer to what many would deem as a fully-fledged gambling product. 

Sweepstake casinos operate on a clever gaming model which allows players to purchase sweeps coins for real money or gold coins for fun and then use them to play at a sweepstake online casino. There has been a huge rise in popularity of sweepstake mobile casinos, with a sweepstake casino offering now being legal in 49 states in both the US and Canada. Players can purchase virtual currencies ahead of a solid gaming session, although there doesn’t need to be a real exchange of money if you’d rather not put your cash on the line. 

Social casinos, on the other hand, offer the same types of games on offer at sweepstake casinos except they’re generally free-to-play games. Some games, like Zynga Poker, are accessible via popular social media sites such as Facebook, with players able to play against fellow Facebook users as they aim to win as many hands as possible and climb up the specific league that they’re in. Billions can be earned although it obviously doesn’t then translate into real-life money from there. 

What is the appeal of gaming at a social and sweepstake casino?

For many, social casinos enable them to play classic casino products without the risk of losing their hard-earned cash. Many sweepstake casinos, for example, require players to purchase gold coins that are used to play the games on the site. These gold coins cannot be redeemed for real money but sweeps coins can be. Sweeps coins are generally gifted to players as a free bonus and enable them to give sweepstakes games a shot, with the opportunity to win real prizes as a result. Sweeps coins can be used to enter sweepstakes competitions, too. Most reputable sweepstake casino sites require that a player has a minimum of 100 sweeps coins before they can redeem them for real cash. 

Popular sweepstakes games include slots and progression sweep slots alongside the similar products which are on offer at regular online casinos, such blackjack, poker, and other classic casino creations. These games offer the fun and entertainment casino players want, while also giving them a relatively new and exciting way to sample an array of casino classics. 

A convenient way to game 

Given the fact that social and sweepstake casinos can be sampled through a modern-day smartphone device, it has opened them up to a new audience in the process. The convenience that gaming on a smartphone provides therefore makes social and sweepstake casino games accessible to players as and when it suits them. For example, an avid social and sweepstake casino gamer might fire up a selection of games on the bus during their morning commute to work. 

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