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FIFA 22 Rulebreakers: Start time, promo leaks, Halloween cards, and predictions



FIFA 22 Rulebreakers: Start time, promo leaks, Halloween cards, and predictions

As the scary season falls across Ultimate Team on the eve of Halloween, the popular FIFA 22 Rulebreakers promo is here, exactly on time, and we’ve got everything you need to know – start date, early FUT leaks, upgrades, and more.

The Halloween holidays are rapidly coming, which means FIFA 22’s next Ultimate Team commercial, “Rulebreakers,” will take on a frightening new tone.

EA SPORTS used to celebrate the end of October (and, of course, Halloween) with the “Ultimate Scream” promotion, which transformed popular FUT stars into horrifying meta creatures with stat adjustments and live upgrades based on the full moon. Last year, though, they shifted their focus to a new event, Rulebreakers, and revamped the promo game.

Players will receive massive stat boosts in one or two front-facing traits as part of the new event, depending on what EA SPORTS wants to improve. This can transform a sluggish striker like Harry Kane into a speed demon.

In 2021, Dexerto expects FIFA 22 to follow the same formula, with slightly over a dozen improvements for FUT’s greatest stars. This is what we know so far.

Rulebreakers FIFA 22 start date

Rulebreakers, the next FIFA 22 event, is approaching. EA SPORTS is ready to release a batch of unique Halloween cards in Ultimate Team on Friday, October 29 to kick-start the spooky-season promotion, according to Dexerto.

At 6 p.m. GMT, we’ll get our first peek at the team. Keep an eye on our Twitter feeds, @DexertoFC and @FutWatch, for the most up-to-date information.

Early Rulebreakers leaks

The suspense continues – as of early October 28, we still haven’t received a definitive answer on the Rulebreakers cards. However, the FUT loading screen has offered a first look at three of them.

A TikTok leak circulating with Trent Alexander-Arnold, Harry Maguire, and Robert Lewandowski doesn’t match the in-game teasers 100 percent.

More teases are planned in the final 24 hours leading up to the broadcast. EA SPORTS is expected to provide Ultimate Team players with a few early signs, such as card ratings, stat increases, and the nationalities of more Rulebreaker upgrades, according to Dexerto.

How do Rulebreaker cards work?

Rulebreakers is a lot easier than the live FUT cards we got recently in the Ones to Watch and Road to the Knockouts events – these special cards will have one stat pushed into the ceiling when they release.

Popular players with less-than-meta cards are frequently turned into usable possibilities by EA SPORTS. As a result, the key increases are frequently Pace and Dribbling.

Predictions for FIFA 22 Rulebreakers

Card-wise, events like Rulebreakers are a little difficult to forecast because anyone EA SPORTS chooses is entirely at their discretion.

In recent years, though, the FIFA publishers have become increasingly repetitious. They usually choose from a pool of well-known players for promotions since they know that all of the big names can boost pack sales. As a result, we can look back at the FIFA 21 event for hints.

Here are the cards from last year’s Rulebreaker set:

  • Angel Di Maria ⁠— 88
  • Romelu Lukaku ⁠— 87
  • Paul Pogba ⁠— 87
  • Marco Reus ⁠— 87
  • Jose Gimenez ⁠— 86
  • Juan Cuadrado ⁠— 84
  • Hakan Çalhanoğlu ⁠— 83
  • Daniel Podence ⁠— 83
  • Alex Teixeira ⁠— 83
  • Patrick Van Anholt ⁠— 83
  • Ike Opara ⁠— 82

So there you have it: everything we know about FIFA 22’s Rulebreakers promo’s comeback. Dexerto anticipates a slew of creepy player SBCs, as well as a barrage of packs and objectives during the promotion.

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FIFA 22: Advance Defense Techniques



Welcome to our ”FIFA 22: Advance Defense Techniques’ guide. In this article we are going to tell you the most effective advanced defensive strategies for defending your goal.

You should study advanced defensive strategies in FIFA 22, particularly online. Especially after you’ve mastered the fundamentals. Techniques include shoulder to shoulder, sheltering the ball and some more stuff that go as follows.

FIFA 22: Advance Defense Techniques

FIFA 22: Shoulder to shoulder defense technique

When you catch up to an opponent, you’ll frequently find yourself fighting for the ball shoulder to shoulder. A push-off battle normally ends with a push, although a foul might be called. This strategy works well for players that are strong and aggressive.

FIFA 22: The Jockey technique

The most vital defensive manoeuvre that prevents the opponent from playing the ball. It takes practise to use the Jockey method right, but it’s worth it.

The Jockey approach helps you not just in one-on-one scenarios but also in defence and predicting when the other team will send the ball to you. By hitting the L2/LT button, the player enters Jockey mode and begins strafing in the direction of your choosing.

FIFA 22: Shielding technique

Shielding the ball is a tactic that helps players to hang onto the ball until help arrives. This tactic may be utilised when you have no chance to create a play, want to waste time, or want to offer space to players rushing behind defenders. To use the shield, click the appropriate button (L2/LT).

FIFA 22: Body block technique

In FIFA 22, you regularly have to stop your own goal attempts. You may accomplish this by hitting the tackle button (O on PS4, A on Xbox) and performing a sliding tackle.

FIFA 22: Pressing technique

In a close game, you can use this tactic to keep score. If the opponent isn’t in a rush to attack, push him and attempt to swiftly seize the ball. To enable teammate pushing, hit the d-pad or keyboard, then one of the side directions.

Be careful while applying this tactic though because it leaves a big section of the field undefended, and it also causes players to exhaust quicker. A swift attack or a through ball can definitely force you to concede a goal or two. However it’s proper application generates instant result and you will gain possession of the ball within seconds.

We hope you liked our ‘FIFA 22: Advance Defense Techniques’ guide. Please leave a comment below and let us know about your favorite defensive tactic. We post fresh content daily and if there is something specific that you would like us to cover then please do let us know all about it. Your thoughts and opinions matter to us the most because they help us to serve you better.

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FIFA 22: What Is Attack & Counter Attack?



Welcome to our ‘FIFA 22: What Is Attack & Counter Attack?’ guide. In this article you will learn how to successfully generate attacking plays as well as counter plays. It’s not always simple to get possession of the ball in FIFA 22. Thus, prepare an attacking play that ends with a shot at goal, ideally a goal. Attacking the opponent objective is a multi-stage process.

FIFA 22: What Is Attack & Counter Attack?

FIFA 22: Attacking & counter attacking in the mid-field

Controlling the midfield is crucial in FIFA 22, as it is in every game. So, if the goalie kicks the ball away, battle for it and attempt to get it back to one of your players for a rapid counterattack.

FIFA 22: One touch passing

One-touch football is a good approach to get past the defence. It features two or three players making rapid passes in a limited space. As a result, your teammates have a better probability of escaping hostile players and receiving a through pass.

FIFA 22: Precise positioning

Preparing a positional attack in FIFA 22 takes time, precision, and plenty of short passes. Use one-touch football with through balls intended at strikers racing behind opponent defenders, and incorporate side midfielders and wingers. As a result, opponents are unable to construct a solid defence in time. It is highly important to play a constructive game and this is only possible with precise positioning.

FIFA 22: Counter attacks are crucial

In FIFA 22, you may launch deadly counterattacks if your opponent makes an error with a pass, loses the ball, or fails a technical trick. Most counter-attacks occur on the field’s fast flanks, although they may also occur in the centre if a through ball is available (on the ground or in the air).

We hope you liked our ‘FIFA 22: What Is Attack & Counter Attack?’ guide. Please do leave a comment below and let us know if this was helpful. We post fresh content daily and if there is something specific that you would like us to cover then do comment below. Your thoughts and opinions really matter to us because they help us to serve you better.

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FIFA 2022: What Are Set Pieces?



Welcome to our ‘FIFA 2022: What Are Set Pieces?’ guide. Set pieces in FIFA 22, particularly those in the opponent’s penalty area, offer wonderful scoring chances, whether directly or via passing to the forwards.

FIFA 2022: What are set pieces?

What are throw-ins?

A throw-in restarts the game from the field’s sidelines. When throwing in, aim for a player who isn’t presently covered or a player who is rushing in. To make the player toss the ball farther away, you may hold down the pass button longer.

What is a corner?

A cursor will show in the opponent’s penalty area before you take a corner kick. After you’ve placed the cursor, use the cross button to change the power. Remember not to kick the ball too hard or you may miss your opportunity to score.

In FIFA 22, a short corner kick comprises a fast ground pass to the closest player, followed by a kick into the penalty area. This kind of corner kick is meant to loosen up the penalty area and locate a space to score a goal. By pressing the modifier (R1/RT), you may have a midfielder run closer for the short corner kick.

What are free kicks?

Choose a player with the best shot power, accuracy, and curve stats. Choose a left-footed player to attack the right side of the goal. When shooting towards the left side of the goal, use a right-footed player.

In FIFA 22, free kicks may be taken in a variety of ways:

  • A penalty area cross is taken when a direct shot cannot be scored.
  • Short pass: this is how you restart the game near the middle or even the opponent’s goal line;
  • Try a hard shot right towards the goal from roughly 18 metres away. First, establish your player’s target and firing power. Taking straight free kicks on goal needs a lot of experience, therefore expect to wait;
  • When placing the ball up near to the goal, you may be tempted to try a technical curving shot. To begin, aim away from the opponent’s wall, which is outside the goal area. You may then choose your shot with the right analogue stick (curved shot).

What are penalty kicks?

Penalty kicks in FIFA 22 are always a gamble, particularly if they determine a close match in Division Rivals or FUT Champions. To take a penalty kick, hit the shot button, then hold the direction you want the ball to go.

A modifier or a finesse shot modifier may also be used. If you set the shooting power too high, the player will likely kick the ball over the goal, losing the opportunity to score.

We hope you liked our ‘FIFA 2022: What Are Set Pieces?’ guide. Please do leave a comment below.

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