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Fellow star Bryce Hall responds to Addison Rae pregnancy rumors



Fellow star Bryce Hall responds to Addison Rae pregnancy rumors

Last week Addison Rae disappeared from social media, prompting fans to speculate about what happened. However, Tiktok star responds to Addison Rae pregnancy rumors.

Although the star hasn’t been seen in weeks, she still has millions of loyal followers on social media platforms.

Rae’s TikTok fame has spread to others on social media, and she is a regular presence on platforms such as Instagram and Youtube. 

Her last upload to TikTok was on June 29, and she has remained silent ever since, but no one knows why, although many speculate that it may be due to the recent controversy.

Her old Instagram livestream caught fire, then apparently disappeared from the internet, and Rae has remained silent ever since.

Meanwhile, the leading theory is that she is pregnant, but that is only one possible explanation. Others have hinted that her time off could simply take her out of the limelight, and others have suggested it is down to her pregnancy. Her fellow internet star Hall addressed the issue in an interview with Celebrity Livin on July 7.

He began his hiatus by posting unannounced content on social media, and while he hinted that he’s doing well, he wouldn’t give a reason why Rae has shunned social media lately. 

Discussing his involvement with Rae, he laughed and simply said: ‘No comment. Rae did not address his fans or explain why she would disappear for a while, while he suggested: “she’s fine.”

Although there is no real evidence for the idea, it has gained traction on social media in recent weeks with a series of posts and tweets.

While die-hard fans will likely still be curious as to why Rae didn’t address her community at all, Hall’s comments have put an end to that speculation. 

Voluntarily refraining from doing so, however, Hall outlined how it simply isn’t true. “She’s not pregnant. I don’t know why that’s a thing, but she’s definitely not pregnant.”

Rae found herself in the midst of a media whirlwind after an Instagram livestream surfaced a few weeks ago. 

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