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Facebook Launches Two New Pokémon Games



Facebook launches two new pokemon games pokemon tower ball and pokemon medallion battle

Two new Pokémon games were launched by Facebook this Monday, “Pokémon Tower Battle” and “Pokémon Medallion Battle”.

This is the first time the game has been launched on the Facebook gaming platform. 

“Pokémon Medallion Battle” is available to only the Asia-Pacific region for now, while the “Pokémon Tower Battle” is available for all. Both games are developed for Facebook’s Instant Games in-app platform. 

Head over to the gaming option in your app to access Pokemon Tower Battle

“Pokémon Tower Battle”, is a multiplayer game developed by Bombay Play, where players compete by stacking Pokémon one above another to create the tallest tower. Players can compete in real-time with friends or with a random player selected by the app. 


“Pokémon Medallion Battle,” is the second developed by GCTurbo, which is a digital card game. Trainers can collect, battle and evolve their Pokémon in medallion form. Try to win gym badges and complete their Pokédex.

Also, new Pokémon will be introduced each month which players can discover and add to their decks. 

“Pokémon Tower Battle” and “Pokémon Medallion Battle” both are available in Facebook’s instant gaming portal. 

Let us know if Facebook can engage players in these two games or not? 

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