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Chloe Fineman Is Stealing the Show



Chloe Fineman Is Stealing the Show

This year, Saturday Night Live’s Chloe Fineman injected stay-at-home orders with much-needed laughs. Using her mimicry-laden Instagram account (@chloeiscrazy) as the stage for a captive audience, Fineman has merged Cardi B with Sally Rooney, Nicole Kidman with FaceTime, and Tiffany Trump with the English language. The result is viral, zeitgeist-y bliss. With a news cycle that’s upping the ante for NBC’s 46-year-old sketch comedy show and Fineman’s return to HBO Max’s Search Party, the Bay Area native is bringing smiles to screens everywhere.

HER INFORMAL TRAINING started early. Her father, a biotech executive, moonlighted in local improv classes and let kindergartner Fineman, the middle of three sisters—“one paints, the other is a CrossFit athlete, it’s like The Royal Tenenbaums”—tag along.

AT NYU, FINEMAN studied classical acting at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting at Tisch. “I really drank the Kool-Aid. I wore a scarf every day. Constantly crying, period pieces.”

AFTER COLLEGE, she taught dance in Los Angeles to pay for Groundlings improv classes: “Mainstream media doesn’t care about an Alice Waters impression, but I do.”

AT HER SNL audition, “it was all these cool, New York comedians, and I was like, ‘Is there a table for my wigs?’ ” Her impressions included Nicole Kidman and Frances McDormand. Two years later, she got the job.

WHILE REHEARSING WITH Adele, the singer decided to run her ultralong nails through Fineman’s hair. “I thought it was a spider but then realized, ‘Oh, Adele is giving me a head massage. Cool.’ ”

WITH ALEC BALDWIN, Jim Carrey, and Maya Rudolph walking the halls, “everyone’s professionally good at seeming chill. That was a hard skill set for someone like moi.

WHO’S NEXT? On SNL, she hopes for “more boys, like a Shia LaBeouf. I love those men!”

FOLLOWING HER IMPRESSIONS of them, Catherine Zeta-Jones sent eyeliner, Drew Barrymore invited Fineman onto her show, and Reese Witherspoon asked her to host the Legally Blonde YouTube reunion. “This week I heard from Tomi Lahren, which was a shock.”