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Brandy – All My Life, Pt. 2 Lyrics | B7 Album



“Brandy – All My Life, Pt. 2 Lyrics”

All my life
I see a man that you’ll never know
I’m just a hand you never want
Believe me if I see him around
Because you ain’t gon’ scare away my rain cloud
Now all I see is rainbows, rainbows
Time with you is a get away
I can live in my lane, yeah
All my life
Forever and ever
All my life

Credits & Info

Written By Kaydence, Worldwide Fresh, Brandy & DJ Camper

Artist: Brandy Composer

Lyricist: Akil “Fresh” King Composer

Lyricist: Brandy Norwood Composer

Lyricist: Darhyl Camper Jr. Composer

Lyricist: Kim “Kaydence” Krysiuk

Release Date July 31, 2020

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