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Best Teen Shows on Netflix to watch today



best shows for teens on netflix to watch in 2020

Looking for the latest and binge-worthy teen shows, TV series, and movies to watch on Netflix? Our team at The West News has compiled a list of best teen shows on Netflix that you can watch today.

The 100 – 2014

100 Season 7/Netflix

The 100, adapted from a YA series by writer Kass Morgan, is about sending hail bombs from colonies floating in space and creating warring factions. Things invariably go wrong, beloved characters are killed (as required by television law), there is war, war, a war between the parties arises and hearts are broken. Netflix’s most controversial drama is bound to infuriate you, whether you’ve read the source material or not. Don’t be fooled by the show’s soapy veneer, there’s a lot more to it, and it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted.

13 Reasons Why 2017-2020

13 Reasons Why Season 4/Netflix

Brian Yorkey’s adaptation follows a group of Liberty High students who receive seven tapes revealing the secrets of their school, followed by a second season that uses a series of Polaroids to uncover secrets about the school. The addictive story dissolves into themes such as driving under the influence of alcohol and sexual consent, as well as the effects of drugs and alcohol.

The Vampire Diaries 2009-2017

This supernatural teen soap premiered at the glitzy heights of Twilight mania in 2009 and has had its fair share of controversy in recent years. Based on the novel series of the same name by author Stephen King, the series examines the life of a newly orphaned high school student named Elena (Nina Dobrev), who pursues her dreams of supernatural powers. It may sometimes seem an exaggeration, but here’s a look at how high the school was (and still is) in the early years of its existence. There is a lot of talk about how “high” it used to be, and also about the effects of drugs and alcohol on young people.

He is a pale guy with big hair who bites the yoke off your neck in countless scenes.

Stranger Things – 2016

Stranger Things Season 3 – Eleven/Netflix

There’s a strange, almost comical tone that keeps me coming back, and I’m sure he’ll stick with the charismatic cast of tweenage. It’s late in season 3, but it’s a great show to talk about with your friends in time for the end of the new season. Coming back in a few weeks to the third and final season, this is definitely one of the best teen shows on Netflix right now.

The Society – 2019

This summer 2019 Netflix sensation introduces us to a group of high school students who live their lives in a city that is neatly cut off from the outside world. It seems to have been wiped out, and it is up to them to form a pseudo-government, to make sure that no one starts killing each other and hopefully find out what the hell is going on. When a bus full of children is kidnapped in a wooded area and cannot return home, a cargo bus discovers that no one is coming to pick them up.

Skins 2007-2013

At first glance, Skins may seem like a throwback to one of the most popular teen shows of all time, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but it’s not.

The rampant sexual and social exploitation and armament poses a mystery to Roundview College, and each cleverly scripted episode is told from the perspective of these characters. This combo makes for a strong mix that pulsates with electrifying rhythm, as the students of the first episodes of Round Viewings are trapped in a mind that numbs childhood and adulthood. Within a few episodes you will discover how obsessed you are with these skillfully drawn children and how obsessed they are with the idea that their anarchic exploits will change or ruin their lives.

Sex Education – 2019

It’s hard to sell yourself with a title like “Sex,” but if you’re looking for a show about the complex emotions that accompany physical desire, this one is for you. The mother-son duo help navigate these feelings, and peers can even coach their peers through their problems if they have bedroom problems. Whether you look at the relationship between the characters, their relationship with their parents or the fact that they always consist of flattened types, every character has something to mean, be it funny or melancholy. Fooling around with distractions and fooling around with distractions, but also a great story about complex feelings and complex relationships. Laurie Nunn gives this gem a jewel with original music by Ezra Furman, and it is undoubtedly one of the most popular Netflix originals. 

Riverdale – 2017

It may sound as if the CW is bringing the yuk-yuk teen comic “Archie” into the modern age, but Riverdale shines in a splendor that looks like Twin Peaks or 300, with everything you think you’ve seen. This may not be as en vogue as Harry Potter, which has taken the whole world by storm, but the fantasy subgenre is not going to die out any time soon. If you’ve read J.K. Rowling’s series too many times and are looking for something new, try this on your Netflix order and watch it again to count.

The Order – 2019

The series follows freshman student Jack Morton as he navigates a terrifying creature, a spirited bully who wants to join Belgrave University’s secret society to uncover the secrets of his family’s secret life.

I Am Not Okay With This 2020

The drama is about a teenage girl named Syd who comes to terms with the recent loss of her father, struggles with sexuality and somehow begins to experience superpowers. It’s about how grief and anger can manifest in teenage girls and captures some of the nostalgic musical elements and moods that make TEOTFW work. Giving bullies a bloody nose and destroying supermarkets is a kind of fear that you might be okay, but none of it is.

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