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Best Materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake



Best Materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake

‘FF7 Remake’ Best Materia guide: Tips and best Materia for Early and End game. The list of Materia given below can be easily missed. So go through the list and make your best Materia Combinations.

This guide has a list of best Materia in the game. It may vary from person to person, preferences, different stages of the game, and your team configurations. There are several more powerful Materia available when you’re nearing the end. However, here’s the list of best Materia in FF7R you can rely on.

Below is the list of Best Materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

  • Thunder – As most of the bosses are weak in defending the lightning. it is recommended to powerup this Materia to its maximum. 
  • Provoke Materia – Best to draw the attention of enemies. Mostly preferred for Barret. 
  • Auto-Cure Materia – Automatically casts cure of team members who get injured during the battle. It can be found in In Chapter 3, complete Chadley’s Battle Intel Report 1.
  • Cure – A healing Materia, best to keep it throughout in the game. Goes well with Cloud as it keeps enhancing during the combats. 
  • Steadfast Block Materia – Useful during combating enemies at a close range, helps in destroying them quickly. Also, fill up the ATB bar fastly and reduces the damage while blocking enemy attacks. 
  • Poisona/Esuna/Resist (CleaningMateria) – It is recommended to hand over this Materia to a team member whom you don’t control rarely during the combat. It helps in removing the negative statuses. 
  • ATB Boost Materia – One of the most important Materia when it comes to fighting on a higher difficulty level with the stronger and tougher bosses. It doubles the ATB!
  • ElementalMateria – One of the most important Materia during battle. Terrific combination when combined with Lightning Materia. Adds elemental power to all your basic attacks. 
  • Assess Materia – It is useful in identifying the weaknesses of your enemy and the possible things that can damage them. Recommended to be used by your team members. 
  • AP UP Materia – Often used in leveling up the Materia connected to it. It is recommended to be used at the end of the game when you need to level up an important Materia. 
  • Magnify Materia – Most effective when attacking a group of enemies. It magnifies the attack area of the elemental spell which is connected with this Materia. 
  • HP Absorption Materia – Based on the connected Materia it helps in restoring HP after you have used a physical or magical attack. 

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